Honda Amaze Petrol/Diesel MT Vs Hyundai Accent Petrol/Diesel MT

Monday 22 Jul 2013, 4:45 PM

The Honda Amaze marked Honda’s entry in the diesel segment. This was one of the most anticipated launches in the country as it finally broke Honda’s stubborn stand on diesel cars. It is available in both petrol and diesel engine trims along with an optional automatic transmission package. The Honda Amaze is priced between Rs. 5.35 - Rs. 8.02 lakhs

Hyundai Accent was one of the most popular entry level sedans sold in India. It did not go through a series of transformations but then it sold in decent numbers. In fact the numbers were so encouraging that the company continued selling them for a prolonged period until they finally pulled the chord from it.

Exterior: Honda Amaze Vs Hyundai Accent

The Honda Amaze looks very well proportioned. It has cuts and creases in right quantities at the right places. The design is based on Honda’s Smart Micro Limousine concept which emphasizes on strong present with compact dimensions. Seem from certain angles the Amaze looks like a mini-Honda City. The length of it has been limited to 3990 mm making is a sub 4 metre sedan. Smaller dimensions mean no sweat in finding parking lots.

Honda Amaze
Honda Amaze

The Hyundai Accent was a decent looking car if not the best looking sedan to be sold. If only it would have gone through the fluidic design language than the Accent would have been one of the most dynamic looking entry sedans in India. The profile of Hyundai Accent was very simple and it couldn’t be mistaken for any other car.

Interior: Honda Amaze Vs Hyundai Accent

Inside the Accent, the interiors were done in a very simple way. The interiors did not boast of any impressive feature. The Accent just provided bare essentials like power steering, power windows, front defogger and an adjustable steering wheel. The interiors had started looking dated especially as the Japanese car makers pulled up their sleeves and decided to shake the competition by bringing in dynamic sedans.

Inside the Amaze, The instrumental panel is identical to the one in Brio which has a 3D combination meter with amber lighting. The digits look very sporty. On the instrumental panel, the central cave is the speedometer which also houses the digital fuel gauge in it. The digital display shows tripmeter, odometer and fuel consumption of the vehicle in addition to the fuel gauge. The left cave features the analog tachometer and it’s a superb sight to see the needle jump up and down during pedal to metal style of driving. The cave type arrangement of the instrumental panel sometimes makes it difficult to see other information apart from speed.

Performance: Honda Amaze Vs Hyundai Accent

The Amaze petrol borrows the Brio’s heart. It has a 16 valve 4 cylinder SOHC i-VTEC engine with a displacement of 1198cc. This engine produces a peak power of 88PS at 6000 rpm and a torque of 109Nm at 4500 rpm. The petrol engine is offered in 5 speed manual as well as 5 speed Automatic transmission options. When it comes to a smooth refined and a performance engine, i-VTEC is one of my strong favorites.

Hyundai Accent
Hyundai Accent

The reason i-VTEC lists in my favorites is cause of the dual character. We have driven the Brio for more than 1000kms but even after driving the pint looking hatch for so long, the fatigue factor is negligible. In fact, during our Discover to Drive experience, the Brio was at its chirping best.

The Accent was loaded with a 1495 cc, 4-cylinder petrol engine. This engine could generate a topmost power of 94bhp at 5500rpm while its peak torque was 124Nm at 4500rpm. The petrol engine was equipped with 1.5-litre Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) and provided good fuel economy. It delivered a fuel mileage of 13 Kmpl.

Conclusion: Honda Amaze Vs Hyundai Accent

Honda Amaze has a clear advantage over the Hyundai Accent due to its modern features and new age looks. Although, Hyundai is dominant in the Indian car market, Honda is slowly catching up. The Japanese auto maker has received worldwide acclaim for its recently developed Brio platform, which has been used in the Honda Amaze.

Also, Honda has employed an aggressive pricing strategy in order to improve its stand in the Indian car market. This ploy has worked well so far with a high number of people purchasing the Honda Amaze. Apart from this, the Honda Amaze has higher value for money than the Hyundai Accent.