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BMW the other name of luxury, is the leader in luxury vehicles in India and popularly known for its style and class. BMW India Co. has 100% stake of the BMW Group. BMW holds the leadership in the world when it comes to creating cars for the rich. BMW is back in India with one more model under M series, the new BMW M3 Convertible. Likewise all other BMW models, this great looking convertible presents new dimensions and offers new possibilities to experience. The car offers a diversified range of shades and wheels to choose from. The convertible costs Rs.76.5 lacs.

Compromising on the driving dynamics is not there in its dictionary. While ensuring a sports car performance, the car is also appropriate for day-to-day driving. This has always been the strength of the giant and thus has never put its foot in the mouth. The acer has worked in close proximity with the most advanced and innovative technologies and technicians.

BMW Cars in India |
BMW cars in India

BMW has 13 latest car models in India with each one of them having a unique identity within itself. The models cover every aspect which is taken into consideration while judging the level of credibility and sincerity towards its end users. It has BMW X1 ,BMW 3-series ,BMW 5-series ,BMW X3 ,BMW X5 , BMW X6, BMW Z4 , BMW 5-series GT ,BMW M5, BMW M6 ,BMW 6-series and BMW 7-series . BMW X3 would be launched around 25th August 2011.

BMW has announced that it will be carrying out an initiative to find solutions to the problems faced by people living in urban cities. The initiative will address the issues of incessant population increase which results in insufficient facilities and availabilities. The BMW initiative will include a mobile laboratory which will look into the problems in various metro cities of the world and will research and study vigorously for ideas and plans for the same.

BMW India in a bid to have a close bond with their existing customers is offering a special Advanced Secure Services Program. It is applicable for 2 years from the date of purchase. This new facility would cover many free services including the likes of a service backup, taxi arrangement for vehicle immobilization, discharged battery services, towing services, additional fuel supply and also flat tyre services.

In the field of after sale services BMW does not wash away its hands. For this it provides with services that are included in Advanced Secure Services Program. . This facility would offer many free services including immobilising the car, battery availability, towing services, extra fuel supply and also flat tyre services. It will be apt also to mention the additional comforts like 24 hours medical services, making available spare key and accommodation. The most advantageous part is that the program is active both for new and existing BMW owners.

Thus, BMW not just creates a desire and infatuation but literally gives a drive that one falls in love with the very first time. The Co. has forever been on its feet to make its buyers happy and content keeping track of the modernisation, be it in terms of technology or changing needs and tastes. BMW is definitely a treat every time it takes off.

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