Ford cars 2011 in India

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Ford India, owned by Ford Motor Co. is irrefutably amongst the leading car manufacturers in India as well as abroad. Established in 1995, the industry leader has stood apart, as soon as it entered the automobile market. At present, Ford India maintains the rank of being the 6th largest automobile manufacturer in India. In the early days, it worked in a joint venture with Mahindra and Mahindra Co. but later increased its stake in 1998.

After the noticeable hike of 172% in sales in 2010 ,Ford India in 2011 introduced Ford Fiesta followed by number of its versions namely Fiesta Style in petrol and diesel ,Fiesta Trend in petrol and diesel, Fiesta Titanium in petrol and diesel and Ford Titanium Plus too in petrol and diesel. All these variants have different prices range depending upon the attributes and facilities it makes available.

Ford cars 2011 in India |
Ford Cars 2011 in India

The foremost model of Ford Fiesta which goes by the same name is available at a price range of 8,23,500 to 8,63,500 laces (ex- showroom price).This car of Ford has delivered immense pleasure and satiated the performance factor with no room for inaccuracies in terms of design, comfort, suspension and control. Besides being fuel -efficient, it entices customers through the EPAS (electric power -assisted steering) and most importantly by the use of Ford's exclusive invention i.e. nibble control. It exuberates and attracts by being responsible and friendly.

Talking about its versions, Ford Fiesta has given birth to designs that cater the varied needs of the consumers today. One such version is Fiesta Style(diesel and petrol) which in addition to features like Air Conditioner, Power Steering, Power Windows, Anti-Lock Braking System, Air-Bags ,offers 7 vibrant colors namely Panther Black, Kinetic Blue, Squeeze, Sea Grey, Moondust, Chill Metallic and Diamond White.

Another variant namely Fiesta Trend (diesel and petrol) provides Front fog lights and Alloy wheels in addition to the features of Fiesta Style. Also, the Kerb weight of Fiesta Trend is 1121 against the 1117 of Fiesta Style with Alloy wheels. Its price exceeds by 55,000(approx.) from Fiesta Style. It’s available in both petrol and diesel.

Fiesta Titanium and Fiesta Titanium Plus are other feathers in the kitty. These variants are the latest versions of Fiesta with an engine of 1499 cc Fiesta Titanium has a Kerb weight of 1124 and its price ranges from 9, 17,200 to 9, 29,000 lacs. Fiesta Titanium Plus provides a mileage of 14.5 kmpl against 14 kmpl of that of Fiesta Titanium.

All versions of Ford Fiesta have performed well right from the time they entered the industry. Ford Fiesta with features like advanced bluetooth control and climate control are attributes that one does not experience at the drop of a hat. In addition to this, the safety concerns of Fiesta cannot be ignored at a time when plausible security talks are a hot topic. Thus, 2011 has witnessed what can be termed as the maximum use of diversifications and innovations by Ford India claiming to be ubiquitous in the automobile market and acting obsequious to the needs of today and ostensibly the Co. confirms no looking back.

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