Toyota,the no. 1 contender

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Toyota has overtaken its competitors in the race of maximum sales for about a time period of 7 months this year. Going into the logics, it has been known that the total sales of the collective automobiles companies during the tenure of 7 months increased by 19.5% and led to the sale of 504,914 units, of which 184,296 units were credited to Toyota.

The nearest competitor was second Isuzu, with 92,040 units sold, followed by Honda, with 53,520.Toyota managed to hold 36.5% market share while Isuzu had its hands over 18.2%

Toyota,the no. 1 contender  |
Toyota the no 1 contender

Tsunami, the most horrifying catastrophe' that took place in Japan, led to disruption in the overall flow however, Toyota’s out of the box approach and recovery plan helped it manage to get back to square one. It resulted in restoring of full production with forever support from its parent company. The senior vice-president at Toyota, suggested that the sales in August would maintain its flow and keep alleviating due to nonstop demand for new models, on the top of the chart being commercial vehicles that account for half of the market.

After the highest tides were faced by the Company in 73-year history, Toyota and its people can possibly afford to welcome the coming financial year with optimism and confidence after the month's dramatic sales increases in the US and Japan. This would also help the manufacturers to concentrate with full potential on its production and give its best in the early phases.

The world's biggest car maker saw sales in United Sales rise 41% in March. Also, one another important fact to arise is that due to the record and back breaking inflation the prices may soar in the time to come. Hence its merry time for Toyota having grabbed the opportunities at the right time and using them wisely with maximum utilization. It depicts that masters are masters and can anytime change the game.

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