Tata Nano catches fire in Sri Lanka

Monday 12 September 2011, 16:10 PM by

In a bizarre incident, Tata Nano, the world’s cheapest car, has been reported to have caught fire in Colombo, Sri Lanka on Sunday, 4th September. The Tata Nano which was being used as a taxi by a Colombo based company was involved in this accident. This incident has come as a shocker and a matter of serious concern for Tata Motors, which has recently started the process of exporting its compact car Nano to Sri Lanka.

The major part of the number of Tata Nanos that are being exported to Sri Lanka is the demand of a Colombo based Taxi company. The company conveyed that it has been inclined towards the small car by Tata Motors because it can be used as a substitute for expensive taxis. The company confirmed that Nano would be an affordable option when used as a taxi. According to the company, Tata Nano is quite frugal and thus has been provided with the name ‘The Budget Taxi’. However, following the dismal incident, the small car's reputation and mass appeal in Sri Lanka will surely be affected.

The incident has not gone down well with the Tata Nano followers as its safety has now been seen with scepticism. This is the first time that Nano has witnessed such an incident away from India. However, the type of accident that has taken place recently is not something that the small car has faced for the first time.

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Tata Nano

A Nano had burnt down in Anand, Gujarat sometime back, which triggered huge concerns within the frantic Tata camp that it immediately conducted an enquiry to look into the matter. The particular incident got a response from the carmaker confirming that no faults in the car were found which would have triggered a fire in the car. With increasing cases of Nanos catching fire, the brand is quite jittery about the reaction that it would have to face from its buyers. Moreover, Nano has been a huge hit among Indians because of its USP, which is its very low price tag.

Another study regarding the car’s safety was conducted just before Tata Motors started exporting the Nano to Sri Lanka. The investigation of the recent case of the burnt Nano is yet to be conducted. Tata Motors has to respond to this quickly to assure customers that its small car is safe and risk-free.

In wake of the stringent acts that have been enforced on the cars developed by carmakers, the possibility of Tata Motors being the first bearer of hefty fines cannot be ruled out. The Act intends to impose a fine of Rs. 1 lac on every defective car sold by carmakers.

Tata Motors has been a celebrated name in India for its penchant towards the basic needs of Indians and Nano was one of its most treasured offerings. The company would not be happy to earn a bad name in the market, be it domestic or international, and thus, has to take extra care, especially of its ace car Nano.

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