Different Small Car Models Coming to India

Monday 16 November 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

Although sales figures in India do not compete to those in US or in Europe, with declining sales in the western market, India and China are emerging as the most celebrated market for auto makers who intends to maintain their sales and profit figures.Indian customers are in for a feast from auto manufacturers around the world. In the next two years, they are going to serve the best gourmet especially for the small car buyers in the country. There are also various models coming in the sedan segment as well as an array of SUVs coming up ranging from cheap models to premium range.

Different Small Car Models Coming to India | CarTrade.com

With Delhi Auto Expo 2010 coming up next January, car manufacturers are gearing up to put their best foot forward. Toyota has recently announced that it will bring its small car by late 2010. The car having 1.2L engine will be showcased at the Delhi Auto Expo and will possibly have a choice of diesel engine as well. It is also going to introduce Toyota Prius hybrid model which is the most successful hybrid model around the world. Although India is a big small car market but with middle class getting richer in the country, company feels there is ample opportunities for big cars as well.

Face lifted model of Tata Nano will be launched in India once the mother plant gets ready and it will have better acceleration at first and second gear. There is a slew of cars from Suzuki, Hyundai and Tata stables that will compete fiercely in the small car segment. All the cars will also cater to the demand from the overseas markets especially from the Indian sub-continent.
Volkswagen will introduce new Polo hatchback next year and later it will introduce Polo sedan model.

Nissan will introduce another small car currently named as V in March 2010 which will be exported to Thailand and China as well. Ford is bringing it small car model Figo to India which will be available by early 2010.

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