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      In Wheel Electric Motors – The New Technology

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Most of us don’t give a single second to think about the most important part of a car – the wheels. If a car does not have good wheels, then it doesn’t matter how ‘extra powered’ engines you have, it won't accelerate well. But, it seems that the auto makers have decided to rectify this issue, and the main question is ‘how’. The answer lies in the new automobile technology in cars– in-wheel electric motors. Companies like Michelin are hoping that this new car technology will bring a new revolution in the field of automobiles.

      In wheel electric motors – the new technology
      In wheel electric motors – the new technology

      The vehicles equipped with this new car technology will be based on a simple principle. As you are very well aware that every car needs a motor to power its motion; these cars just differ in this basic thing. These cars will have the motor fit in their wheels. Instead of using the usual internal combustion engine, these cars involve the use of at least two motors located in the hub of the wheels. But this does not create any difference in other functions of the cars like brakes, engine and suspension, etc. Industry experts are of a view that this automobile technology of in-wheel electric motors in cars will bring a revolutionary change in the automotive arena. Some of the major things to be considered in this technology are as follows:

      1. Performance – The in-wheel electric motors don’t affect the performance of a car. The reason is very simple as it just replaces a primary motor with two or more small in-wheel electric motors. The number and power of these motors depend mainly on the technical specifications of the vehicle.

      1. In-wheel electric motor’s basic structure – Externally, the wheels containing these engines don’t look much different from the general ones. Inside the wheels, though, is a different story. These wheels include braking system, suspension system and an electric motor that provides the power to the vehicle. Notably, this type of suspensions is an extremely modified system that can react in a thousand part of second and remove any suspension related issues. Some in-wheel electric motors in new cars have a regenerative braking as well. This braking system, unlike the usual brakes, stores the energy spent in speeding down the vehicle in the battery for future use.

      1. In-wheel electric motor power – The last point to discuss is the maximum power output. The speciality of this technology in cars is that they can provide instantaneous power to the vehicle with much more efficiency.