Category: Automobile Technology

  • Nissan Intelligent Mobility Tour: Its electric!

    We are in Japan at the scenic Sodegura Forest Raceway for a rendezvous with the latest cars from Nissan. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is that division of the Japanese car maker which peeks into the future and builds cars that would define mobility at least two decades from now. It is slowly becoming an undisputed fact that the future of mobility is electric and that is why it doesn’t

  • Nissan V-motion 2.0 Concept

    The 2017 Detroit Motor Show witnessed many new unveils of production cars, concept vehicles and various other future car technologies. In this Nissan found the stage of Detroit a perfect venue to draw attention towards its future vehicles and designs language. Back in 2014, Nissan unveiled a ‘Sport Sedan Concept’ which culminated into its Maxima sedan. But the four-door concept was

  • Mahindra Scorpio - Intelli-Hybrid Technology

    The quest for higher efficiency in the motoring world has had auto-manufacturers explore every option available. No solution has been considered too exotic and out-of-reach by them. However, even as they do go further into the future, there’s still the present day targets over reducing tailpipe emissions, improving fuel efficiency & driving greater benefits throughout the driving cycle.

  • Nissans ProPILOT Autonomous Drive Technology

    Self-driving technology isn’t an entirely new phenomenon. It has existed in some form or the other, since many years now. However, the cohesive push that we have been seeing in the past few years, has only been possible due to the growth of the infrastructural framework along with the processing power required and the other tech-developments. Nissans ProPILOT Autonomous Drive

  • Fords LIDAR Technology

    When it comes to staying at the forefront of automotive tech, Ford cars are no strangers to leading the field by innovation. The iconic manufacturer has been known right since the days of the Model T, as brand that puts innovation at the forefront of its automotive quests. Autonomous driving cars have quickly emerged as the next frontier that every car brand worth their manufacturing chops is

  • Financial Gps In Cars

    Stumped by the title? You’re not alone. When i first heard of the term, i remember sitting down at the desk for a good hour, with my head spinning on what had Wall Street come up with this time. Turns out, this wasn’t wall-street, but the car dealer down the street. Financial gps in cars Automobile technology in new cars has been increasing at an alarming

  • Mercedes Benz Car-To-X Communication

    The Mercedes E-Class is considered to be among the top-ranked luxury executive sedans in the world. The success it has tasted in practically every market that it is sold in, has resulted in bumper profits for the manufacturer and remains to this day, a critical model in the company’s line-up. Mercedes benz car-to-x communication The E-Class has always considered

  • BMWs Gesture Control System

    When the Hollywood blockbuster, Minority Report had released in theatres back 2002, i’d been completely awed by the various technological advances that the movie featured. What i remember most vividly is the way, Tom Cruise had controlled the various interfaces of the ‘pre-crime’ division’s fugitive tracking system by what appeared to be sleight of hand. It had been one

  • Volvo Keyless Car Technology

    One of the things about owning a car is waking up to the painful realization that you probably have misplaced the key - either left it behind somewhere or simply forgot to carry it along on the way down to work. At the bare minimum, it involves trudging back up to where you left it. Usually, it involves reaching out to the repair centre/key maker who makes you a fresh

  • Intuitive Safety Features In Cars

    The leading manufacturers around the world have been pushing automotive technology in new cars at a pace that’s seldom been seen before. However, they have come under a lot of flak for pushing tech for its own sake, thereby risking over-complicating their products. There’s no denying the claims either that over-tech has led to a serious level of disconnect with the driving

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