• Tips to keep your car safe this Diwali

    It’s that time of the year when all the houses are decked with bright colourful lights and treat yourself to your favourite sweets. Fancy fireworks make it irresistible for us to stay away from them. Although dangerous, we somehow manage to protect our dear ones as well as ourselves. However, our buddies on four wheels are often left to fend for themselves. In order to avoid waking up to

  • Top 5 road signs you must know about

    India has the third largest road network in the world and a staggeringly high number of vehicles ply on these. Road signs perform the duty of maintaining the safety and efficiency of road users. The system that we use has been influenced by the UK system, and relies on symbols to overcome the barrier of language. Here are five road signs that you must know about – Speed limit One might

  • Nissan Intelligent Mobility Tour: Its electric!

    We are in Japan at the scenic Sodegura Forest Raceway for a rendezvous with the latest cars from Nissan. Nissan Intelligent Mobility is that division of the Japanese car maker which peeks into the future and builds cars that would define mobility at least two decades from now. It is slowly becoming an undisputed fact that the future of mobility is electric and that is why it doesn’t

  • How to Avoid Car Theft

    Every year, nearly 1.5 lakh vehicles are stolen in India alone. Out of these, only about few thousand are actually traced back, but often in un-roadworthy conditions, with many missing components. In the year 2014, a vehicle was stolen every 24minutes in India. Thieves have never been this efficient before, and your car/bike is more unsafe than ever. While the vehicle theft rate has skyrocketed,

  • T1 Prima Truck Racing – the race of the behemots

    8.9-litre engine, 370 horses lunging forward with all their might and a truck load of torque (literally) making sure the pull doesn’t die down. We are past the braking-point by a mile and I already have my feet stomping hard on the brake pedal that isn’t there. Because, I am sitting shotgun with a truck racer who refuses to back off the throttle and just chucks that seven-tonne

  • Nissan V-motion 2.0 Concept

    The 2017 Detroit Motor Show witnessed many new unveils of production cars, concept vehicles and various other future car technologies. In this Nissan found the stage of Detroit a perfect venue to draw attention towards its future vehicles and designs language. Back in 2014, Nissan unveiled a ‘Sport Sedan Concept’ which culminated into its Maxima sedan. But the four-door concept was

  • Winter Car Driving Myths Debunked

    Cars in India typically tend to operate in hot or rain-swept weather conditions. As such, their tyre choices as well as other preps tend to be in that direction. However, there are quite a few misconceptions about motoring along in the cold months. Winter Car Driving Myths Debunked Some of you might laugh about winter car driving in India, but to those who live on the road, it can

  • CVT Transmission - How does It Work

    A transmission or a gearbox is an interface of ratios that are used to vary the input & output loads between the engine & the wheels. Without a bunch of gear-ratios, we’d be stuck with a single gear that would be good in a limited driving scenario. For example, a 1st/2nd gear ratio would suffice only to get the car moving, 3rd/4th gear would only be good within the city, while

  • How To Select The Best Insurance Package For Your Car

    The mandatory nature notwithstanding, car insurance policy buyers can be broadly segregated into two groups. One who just blindly go along with whatever is offered to them & the others who are particular about what they want out of their policy. The best car insurance policy is the one that offers the most coverage at the least cost. But there’s more to this than just the two

  • Amazing Honda BR-V Car Accessories

    Honda have been fairly successful globally in the crossover SUV segment. Their previous generation CRV was in fact widely recognized as one of the best cars of that genre. In India however, the Japanese car manufacturer struck gold with the City and went on to taste a fair bit of success with the Civic. However, earlier this year, Honda came back with a bang as they launched their much awaited

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