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      Top 10 Cars Under 4 Lakhs

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      In India, majority of population not only look for high performance but also budget-friendly new cars. Initially, their preference is to buy used cars but when their requirements are not satisfied, they start looking for new cars. Always keeping an eye on their pocket, consumers look for various new car dealers in India that can offer them the best deal. As we all know that a major part of the Indian population constitutes of middle-class people. These middle-class people, generally, want to buy best cars under 4 lakhs as they cannot afford to buy high-end cars.

      Car manufacturers have come up with several models of cars under 4 lakhs in India. Not only the Indian super brand – Tata – but also other foreign manufacturers have also understood the demand of the common people. Following is the list of the best cars under/within 4 lakhs in India with some of their features:

      • Tata Nano: With its launch in the Indian market, this car has come up has a revolution of the vehicle industry. Its cost-effectiveness, good performance and fuel efficiency made a remarkable impact on the consumers.

        Tata Nano
      • Maruti Alto 800: The most fuel-efficient car in this variant is Maruti Alto 800. There is a 796cc engine installed in the vehicle that reaches a top speed of 145 kmph. It is available in petrol as well as CNG versions.

        Maruti Alto 800
      • Hyundai EON: Giving a tight competition to Alto 800 is the stylish Hyundai EON. It has a 998cc, 3-cylinder, 9-valve engine (petrol & LPG), which can breach a speed to 100 kmph in approximately 21 seconds.

        Hyundai EON
      • Nissan Micra Active: Nissan presents this hatch-back model which has a maximum displacement of 1198cc. The 1.2 litre, 12-cylinder engine can achieve a top speed of 160 kmph and reach 100 kmph from stand still position within 12 to 15 seconds.

        Nissan Micra
      • Datsun GO: The surprising entry to the list of cars under 4 lakhs in India is Datsun GO. The Japanese manufacturer has hit the Indian market with this vehicle, which has a 1.2 litre 1198cc engine and can reach up to a top speed of 150 to 160 kmph.

        Datsun GO
      • Chevrolet Spark: This hatch-back model from the American automobile manufacturer has a 5-speed manual transmission gearbox. The vehicle has a 995cc engine and for added safety, front tyres are equipped with disc brakes and rears ones have drum brakes.

        Chevrolet Spark
      • Maruti Alto K10: The 998cc engine version of the much renowned Alto 800 has more power and better acceleration. Producing a maximum power of 67.1 bhp, K10’s engine can reach a speed of 100 kmph in about 13 seconds.

        Maruti Alto K10
      • Maruti WagonR1.0: Standing out tall in this list is the WagonR, which is called ‘the Blue eyed Boy” and among the best cars in 4 lakhs. It is undoubtedly one of the bests in this category. The vehicle has a 1.0 litre engine with a displacement of 998cc and is available in petrol and CNG variants.

        Maruti Suzuki WagonR1.0
      • Ford Figo: Figo has an 1196cc of engine (petrol and diesel) which is integrated with 4-cylinders and 16-valves. The vehicle can reach a maximum speed of 170 kmph and accelerates up to 100 kmph within 16 seconds.

        Ford Figo
      • Maruti Celerio: This model of the budget-friendly Indian manufacturer has a 3-cylinders and 12-valves engine with a total displacement of 998cc. The 5-speed transmission gearbox is available in manual as well as automatic version.

        Maruti Celerio

      Here is the list of top 10 cars under 4 lakhs and are probably the best cars in 4 lakhs that are available in the Indian market. Hope this list is somehow useful to you and you’ll consider the above mentioned options before buying new cars.