Riteish Deshmukh And His Bentley Continental Flying Spur Luxury Car

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The name Bentley is sufficient to ignite that sense of passion and adrenaline rush among car lovers, which is so characteristic to each car from this manufacturer. Bentley car models have that edge in them that make them a class apart from most of the rest. The subtle growl of the powerful engine, the speed rush and cruise control on the freeways have made Bentley car models a class of their own. It is a known fact that Bollywood celebrities have a certain inclination about luxury automobiles. Most of the popular celebrities have a garage of incredibly audacious and beautiful automobiles. Riteish Deshmukh is no different and his love for lucrative cars has made the news quite a number of times. However, when he was spotted with a Bentley continental flying spur Luxury car, it definitely, turned quite a number of heads. He was seen with this luxury model for the first time at the annual bash of annual bash of Anil Ambani in 2013. It was later confirmed that this model was delivered to the celebrity just before his marriage.

Riteish deshmukh with his car
Riteish deshmukh with his car

This model is the second one manufactured by Bentley after Volkswagen group made a purchase of the brand in 1999. The first one was obviously, Continental GT, which was a class in itself. The Bentley continental flying spur is not a super car just because it can reach high speeds; this car also churns out incredibly consistent performance at an unrestrained and glamorous show of luxury. Be it for the driver or for passengers the Bentley continental flying spur proves its worth and surpasses it on several occasions with ease. The Bentley continental flying spur specifications are something that the manufacturer will boast about. Designed from super-formed aluminium and veneers, which adorn the interior portion, this Bentley car is dexterously crafted by the manufacturers to give a sense of royal touch in its outlook. The interior space has been so diligently developed that one takes pride in possessing this car, just like the other Bentley car models.

Giving that cutting edge to the Bentley continental flying spur specifications, the model has been given a 6 litre W12 engine that shoots it from 0 to 60 mph in a mere jaw-dropping 4.3 seconds. The acceleration is incredible with a top speed maximum barrier of 200 mph. Though, once you are inside, you will not be able to understand the outside hustle-bustle even if you are zooming at top speeds due to its impeccable sound proof design. It is not much tough to predict the Bentley continental flying spur price, which is slated at a huge two crores. However Bentley car dealers will not face problems to get buyers due to the supreme performance and high end Bentley continental flying spur specifications.

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