Bentley Cars and Prices

Bentley has 5 car models available in India out of which 2 are sedans, 1 is SUV, 1 is convertible and 1 is coupe. Bentley has total of 12 petrol versions. There are 12 automatic car versions to select from.
3.04 - 3.22 Crores

Sedan | Petrol | Automatic

4 star rating
Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Bentley Continental Flying Spur
3.11 - 3.38 Crores

Coupe | Petrol | Automatic

4 star rating
Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Bentley Continental GT
3.44 - 4.19 Crores

Convertible | Petrol | Automatic

4 star rating
Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Bentley Continental GTC
3.56 Crores

SUV | Petrol | Automatic

3 star rating
Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Bentley Bentayga
5.26 Crores

Sedan | Petrol | Automatic

Bentley Mulsanne
All Prices are Ex-showroom, Delhi.

Latest Bentley News

  • Bentley showcases hybrid Bentayga at 2018 Geneva Motor Show
    Bentley showcases hybrid Bentayga at 2018 Geneva Motor Show
    Tuesday 06 March 2018, 15:05 PM by Abhishek Nigam
    Bentley Bentayga has always been a popular name in the luxury car segment, however its large engine options have not really been fuel efficient. With the world moving towards electrification, Bentley ...
  • Bentley Bentayga to leave trail marks on Pikes Peak
    Bentley Bentayga to leave trail marks on Pikes Peak
    Monday 22 January 2018, 13:07 PM by Abhishek Nigam
    Globally popular ultra-luxury car manufacturer Bentley aims to challenge the famous Pikes Peak with the Bentayga. The ultra-luxury SUV will showcase its potential as it muscles its way up the ...
  • Bentley Bentayga V8 revealed
    Bentley Bentayga V8 revealed
    Wednesday 17 January 2018, 15:45 PM by Bilal Firfiray
    Bentley has announced a V8 gasoline engine for the Bentayga SUV. Bentley Bentayga V8 revealed Developing a modest 542bhp and 770Nm, the turbo-charged 4.0-litre V8 also does duty under the hood ...
  • Bentley Motorsport's Continental GT3 racecar unveiled
    Bentley Motorsport's Continental GT3 racecar unveiled
    Monday 13 November 2017, 16:10 PM by Nikhil Puthran
    Bentley Motorsport Continental GT3 racecar unveiled Ahead of its official debut at the 2018 motorsport season, Bentley Motorsport has revealed the second-generation Continental GT3 racecar. The ...
  • Bentley spotted testing the new-gen Flying Spur
    Bentley spotted testing the new-gen Flying Spur
    Friday 03 November 2017, 15:22 PM by Bilal Firfiray
    Bentley revealed the new-generation Continental a few months ago. Now, the sedan version of the Continental, the Flying Spur was spotted testing on the streets of Crewe near the carmaker’s ...

About Bentley


One of the world’s supreme luxury car brands, Bentley Motors Limited is owned by German auto giant Volkswagen AG. The British car maker is known for engineering, designing, manufacturing, as well as distributing its magnificent luxury cars across the globe. The brand began its journey in 1919 from Cricklewood near London with W.O Bentley. Later, its strings were passed on to Rolls Royce in 1931. It was in 1998 finally, when Volkswagen AG acquired it from the British car maker. VW AG not only purchased the brand but also acquired its vehicle designs, production facilities, model nameplates, Rolls Royce shape trademarks, the Spirit of Ecstacy and other facilities. The German car maker, however, has no right to use Rolls Royce logo or name for its cars.

Bentley sells its car models all over the world through franchised dealers. As per stats, Bentley is presently trading maximum figures in China. Most of Bentley cars are assembled in its Crewe plant from where they are exported everywhere as CBUs (Completely Built Units). There is one more assembling plant in Germany where a few units of Continental Flying Spur are assembled.

Indian Operations And Executive Managements

In India, Bentley operations and matters are handled under Volkswagen Sales Group.

Bentley cars in India are imported as Completely Built Units (CBUs) from its headquarters in Crewe, England. While Continental Flying Spur units are imported from its German facility.

Products And Services

In India, Bentley cars can be purchased from company’s dealerships located in New Delhi and Mumbai. Its dealerships outlets in both Mumbai and New Delhi are owned by Exclusive Motors. There is a service package offered by both these dealerships that includes maintenance & repair, service, Roadside assistance, car recycling, and battery. Each Bentley car model comes with a three year warranty but there is no mileage limitation on this. The warranty starts right from the day of delivery.

Environmental Initiatives

Bentley hasn’t launched any electric or hybrid luxury car model. Nevertheless, the company plans to bring-in a range of ‘plug-in’ electric hybrid cars that will be ultra modern luxury cars in next two years. By end of next decade, Bentley plans to introduce 9 of 10 British sports cars that will have an option of charging up from mains. These car will have better fuel efficiency and will have CO2 emissions lessened by 70 percent. These environment friendly Bentley cars are widely anticipated across the world.

Founder And First Car

The foundation of Bentley Motors Limited was laid by W.O. Bentley in January 1919. The brand earned recognition for its varying rotary aero-engines in the First World War. Bentley BRI was one of the most popular mills in this engine line that were utilized in Camel and Sop edition. Post World War 1 the British luxury car maker began producing cars that won several acclamations and awards for their outstanding performance. The name Bentley Motors Limited was registered in 1919, a dummy engine and a chassis were later showcased in 1919 in London Motor Show under this name. An ex-Royal Flying Corps, Clive Gallop, developed a 4-valve cylinder mill and orders for this one began flowing in June1920. Fully developed cars entered market by 1921.


Bentley cars in India are admired for their exclusive luxury features and supreme built quality. Most of Bentley car models are hand-built and are sold as limited edition. Their drivability, performance, and interiors are unmatched and command all standards in auto luxury world.

Resale Value

Being the best of luxury cars, Bentley cars are known for having exclusive resale value.


Bentley cars in India are currently pitching against some of the other top brands line Rolls Royce and Aston Martin.

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