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Being the leading names in the operating system in mobiles, it is a common aspect that Android and Apple will lock horns against each other in a competitive way. In this aspect, the most beneficial are the customers, who get an opportunity to utilise the technological innovations of either of the two brands. Sometime in the earlier parts of the year Apple had launched its all-new operating system for automobiles, CarPlay. Google android auto is the Android version of this operating system, which is being installed in new cars. What it is all about and how is it giving Apple, a run for their money is worth to be noted.

Google android auto
Google android auto

The connection between android auto and your car is extremely simple. Google android auto employs a wired connection between your phone and your car. The entire system for android in cars is entirely dependent on your phone. There is still research and development on the aspect that whether google android auto can be employed using wireless connectivity. However, most of these concepts are still in the pipeline and android developers are taking their time to launch a full proof methodology. There are primarily three ways to control android auto in new cars; non-touchscreen, touchscreen and other simple voice controls. As most of the functions are to be utilised while driving, the interface has been kept as simple as possible. This enables you to make optimal utilisation of all the applications without even glancing at the screen. However, there is ample scope to get the look of the device according to your unique style for quicker accessibility.

The primary application of android auto can be attributed to navigation and great care has been taken to make it as user-friendly as possible. The entire thing has been made simpler and direct, not to consider that screens in new cars are being made wider for better visibility. Google maps have been simpler and navigating using this application was never so easy. Calling has been reduced to a matter of few touches with an option to keep recent and frequent callers accessible easily. Attributes like local outlets, weather conditions and special attractions have been given separate attention for users to feel at home at virtually any place. Some other aspects, however, need to be polished somewhat just to keep that chic appeal consistent. Once successful it is believed that this operating system will be a runaway hit and be the next big thing for automobiles.

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