Tata Nano - Powerful and exciting version coming soon

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The Nano brand from Tata Motors gained a reputation for itself as India’s most affordable car. The company now plans to introduce the fun and exciting element to this popular small car. As per a recent update, Nano from Tata Motors is due to get better and faster with time. Tata Motors has been in the news recently over reports stating that the company may usher in a turbocharged engine version and has also been investing a considerable amount of time into its development. Earlier this year, on many occasions the F-Tronic and diesel variant were spotted being tested on local streets.

Tata Nano - Powerful and exciting version coming soon | CarTrade.com
Tata Nano - Powerful and exciting version coming soon

The Indian car-maker for the first time has made an effort to add mechanicals that can bring about a significant difference with the car's performance. Primarily, Tata aims at selling the Nano to true driving enthusiasts in the country. The innovation is expected to bring about a new identity to Nano as a 'Smart city car' and shed off its older image as an affordable car. Tata Spokesperson said, “Tata Motors is constantly working on upgrades, new variants, and new projects. We continue to look at new and refreshed products to be launched across various segments and, of course, test these vehicles and the same is applicable to the Nano. While we have high degree of technology-readiness and the program offers several competitive strengths, it is difficult to predict the exact time-frame needed to create the right ecosystem for this to be a market-viable project.”

Technologically Tata Motors seems to be taking a giant leap ahead across its car segments and it has been an unspoken truth that the locals shall always wait in anticipation for new launches under its brand name. A detailed report on engine and technical specification shall only be known post an official announcement made by the company in this regard.

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