Hybrid Technology likely to be used in the new generation Porsche 911

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Porsche 911 is all set to use the newly developed hybrid technology. The new variant, due sometime in 2018, will feature this top-notch technology. While hybrid cars are not new to the world, with so many of them seeing the light of the day, Porsche’s step towards this technology certainly shows what the future entails for us. The variant sounds very enticing, primarily because it’s from Porsche. Hybrid cars have become the new ‘IT’ of the car industry, with many companies now trying to adapt to this relatively new but very helpful technology. Some of these companies have designed brilliant concepts to adapt to this new dimension.

A hybrid 911 was always in the rumor mill. It was not an outlandish idea to the public, but there was no official commentary on the hybrid variant by the company. The company’s Research and Development chief, Wolfgang Hatz was the one who shed some light on the possibility of having a hybrid variant for the 911. Expressing his views on the same, Wolfgang Hatz was quoted as saying, “Porsche was in a good position” to employ such hybrid technology.

Hybrid Technology likely to be used in the new generation Porsche 911 | CarTrade.com
Hybrid Technology likely to be used in the new generation Porsche 911

The complete new range of the Porsche 911 models will come with new turbocharged engines, in what is the effort to reduce the CO2 emissions by these models. Porsche has always been in the forefront to make hybrid cars, along with the traditional sports cars. The hybrid technology it developed for the Porsche 918 hypercar had already been introduced to other cars like the Cayenne SUV and Panamera Sedan.

The company’s CEO, Matthias Muller, also said that there maybe a next generation of hybrid cars and that there is no reason against it. The R&D Chief also mentioned that all of Porsche’s new cars will have reduced emissions of CO2. He also mentioned that such lowering of emissions was a very important milestone for the company, while hybrid technology and the engine downsizing is one step towards achieving this goal.

The Porsche 911 is not the only car that would be using the hybrid engines. Porsche also has plans to supplement the other models with the plug-in hybrid technology. This means that the Boxster, as well as the Cayman, will use such a technology, but there will be a bit of customization there. Muller also pointed out that there are two primary reasons why Porsche was using this technology. One is the reduced emission of CO2 while the other is that of sportiness.

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