HMIL launches Hexa Space MPV at the Auto Expo

Tuesday 10 January 2012, 16:00 PM by

Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) decided to dominate the first day of the Auto Expo 2011 with the launch of its all-new multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) concept Hexa Space (code named HND-7).

The vehicle claims to give an altogether new definition to the way in which the interior space is used. HND-7 allows eight passengers to fit-in comfortably as all seats have been given a hexagonal shape that merge into each other to form a honeycomb design.

As a result of the unique arrangement of seats, the company has been successful in making use of the internal space in efficient manner. The interior has been designed to match the Fluidic Sculpture that further confirms its dedication towards achieving ‘New Thinking New Possibilities’ that happens to be its current slogan.

The side panels carry a varied range of surfaces, along with highly visible and well-defined lines. The vehicle is suitable for buyers within the age group of 30-40 years, who usually make use of countryside roads. The middle seats of first two rows have been positioned slightly backward as against the seats on either side.

The seats have been provided with great flexibility and can easily adapt to the varied needs of the occupants. The centre seat can be folded to an extent that it becomes totally flat, which eventually offers immense convenience. The second row is also capable of going flat in order to give a limousine feel to the occupants of HND-7.

The back row also carries the same ability and can be used to fit-in light cargo. Moreover, seven seats can be folded flat to carry heavy loads for the purpose of transportation and all the eight seats are able to fold flat to occupy more people.

The door has been designed to allow people to go inside the car and come out with total ease. The back door goes up and slides back to create maximum space for entry on either side. In spite of having large interior space, Hexa Space has an overall sleek body with compact width that makes it suitable for crowded city streets as well.

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