BMW 3-Series Hybrid Spotted doing the Test Rounds at Nurburgring

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BMW has been widely successful with its 3-Series model, and therefore it has decided to introduce not just a facelift but also a Hybrid version of this sedan. Sources have hinted that the auto maker is currently busy doing the test rounds for its new 3-Series at the famous race track of Nurburgring, Germany. It is also expected that the new model will be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is to be organised in September 2015. India, being a promising market for the brand, is also expecting the new model to debut by 2016. If the car is not officially unveiled in late-2015, Delhi Auto Expo might be its launchpad in India.

BMW 3-Series Hybrid Spotted doing the Test Rounds at Nurburgring |
BMW 3-Series Hybrid

As far as the facelift is concerned, the car will only get a couple of adjustments here and there, which includes slight modifications on the front and rear bumper. The headlights of the top-end variant will be adaptive while those at the back will be LEDs on the whole. The test model was heavily camouflaged, but still plug-in socket was visible on the sides.

The ‘328e’ variant is all set to be launched with the hybrid technology and will come up as an economical option. This is mainly because of the fact that it will utilise only 2 litres of fuel for every 100 kilometres. It is expected that the initial cost of the non-hybrid line-up will be more than the standard non-hybrid assortment. The company has revealed that a 2.0-litre inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine will power the petrol variant.

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