How To Claim An Auto Insurance?

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If you drive regularly, there are strong chances that your car may get damaged in some incident or you may run into an accident. There are many who have no idea about how to claim auto insurance and complete various types of formalities under the process. There are various kinds of claims that can be made on the basis of car insurance taken. For a better preview, read on the following step by step guide that explains how to make claims under auto insurance.

How to claim an auto insurance
How to claim an auto insurance
  • When To File A Claim: As soon as your car meets accident contact your car insurance company. You are required to file a claim for your car when you car gets:
  1. Vandalized.
  2. Stolen.
  3. Damaged by fire, severe weather, or any other non-accident incident.
  • Information Needed For Filing: Whenever you ask your car insurance company for financial aid, ensure you have following documents with you before hand:
  1. Your complete name and policy number.
  2. The starting and ending date of your insurance policy.
  3. Incident’s date and time.
  4. Phone number, name, and addresses of all passengers, witnesses, and drivers.
  5. License plate number and driver’s license of all drivers.
  • Basic Steps For Filing All Kind Of Claims: Once you are in contact with your car insurance company, your case for claim will pass through following stages:
  1. Case assignment: your case will be assigned to a professional agent who will work over your claim.
  2. Meeting: A meeting will be set up with the insurance professional for discussing your situation and coverages.
  3. Evaluation: It will include a number of things like vehicle inspection, evidence examination, terms of payment, and so forth.
  4. Resolution: It mainly includes appropriate payment to the subject.
  5. Closing Of Case: Since you are the owner of the vehicle, your insurance company may ask you to fix small damages to your car. However, ensure that permanent repairs aren’t made by you unless the payment is approved by your insurance company.
  • Claim For Physical Injuries: Unless you are at fault for accident, your car insurance company will be liable for covering your bodily injuries. However, if you are under the no-fault stage, you may get your injuries compensated under the Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage. There are other kind of optional medicinal coverages too that may help like medical payment coverage or uninsured motorist coverage. The later one is however, to be offered with cars in India.
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