All You Need To Know About HD Radios

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You might have heard about HD Radio for cars that promise multiple listening options and better sound. But what exactly is a HD Radio? The HD Radio technology permits its broadcasters to transmit better-quality digital signals. The main benefits of having a HD Radio receiver in your car are:

All you need to know about hd radios
All you need to know about hd radios
  • Sound quality way better than that of CDs and DVDs: Implementation of digital technology permits radio station in transmitting better information via radio waves. Basically, it means getting better quality sound equivalent to CDs and DVDs. A step ahead from the hollow disturbing sounds we all hated with analog FM.

  • The sound of AM radio as good as the old FM: AM radio uses quite smaller segments of FM bandwidths. The bandwidth has no compatibility with HD Radios in car for delivering CD-quality signals. However, it is enough for giving AM stations a sound quality as good as FM stations. This boost can improve the AM’s sound clarity much like FM stations.

  • User wouldn’t be required to deal with pops, fades, crackles, as well as statics: As compared to analog signals, digital signals have fewer chances of reception problems.  The HD radio receivers will help their users in hearing way better sound without any static, hisses, fades, and pops.

  • Easy transmission of extra information like artists and song titles: Another specific advantage of having HD radio receivers in car’s audio system is it easily transmits additional information about music. The extra snippet may include station call letters, song’s artist name, etc. You can also receive local information like weather updates, traffic alerts, and so on.

  • Multi-Casting: Along with duplication of their analog signals via HS radios, stations can easily subdivide the digital part of signal from the rest. It permits “multicast” which means the radio station can easily broadcast two different programs in one go. Listeners can thus choose their favorite genre and listen to their choice of program accordingly.

  • You can easily tag songs and buy them later from iTunes Store: Just like your browser, you can now tag your favorite song in your HD Radio and purchase them later. For taking advantage of this feature you just need either an iPod or an iPhone, a component or device that includes HD Radio tunr, “Tag” button, and iPod dock. You will also need a local radio station that broadcasts HD Radio signals for tagging songs.

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