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      Best Car Leasing Options In India

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      To discuss the best car lease policy in India, we need to learn what car leasing actually is! Car Leasing in India is still in its beginning phase and is an unknown term for many people. Everyone knows the meaning of renting a car, but is unknown of the fact that they have a better option of car leasing in India. Car Leasing refers to getting a car on a contract basis from some company and paying monthly or quarterly rent as per contract to that company.

      Best car leasing options in india
      Best car leasing options in india

      The only thin line of difference between car renting and car lease policy in India is that the leasing is for a longer and fixed duration of time, while renting is for a flexible period. The basic catch between car lease policy in India is that after a fixed period (basically 2-3 years) of paying rent, you have to return the car to the seller. In case of renting, you can just return the car whenever you want, conditional that you are paying the rent in the meantime.

      In India, getting a car has become a “Status Symbol” nowadays. Instead of seeing the importance of car in a family, people buy a car so that they can show it off to people. Well whatever the scenario is, car leasing in India provides a solution to both of these things. For people with limited sources of income, and who can’t afford a car right away, or just want to change their car after a couple of years, car leasing is a golden option for them. They can get their hands on the car of their choice and pay for it as per the fixed period. After that, they can return that car as per contract and get their hands over a new and technologically advanced car, as the technology nowadays get developed with every passing second.

      A few car renting tips and car leasing tips are needed to be kept in mind include the checking of the car before signing the contract. This is because if you return the car, and it has got into some poor condition, you would have to pay for the fixation of it, and in some cases, the problem persists right from the time when you are going to rent the car. So it is always better to check the car to save money. Other car renting tips include getting a test ride to check if that car sets on your hands, and signing the contract after properly reading it. Some hidden terms and conditions are surely prone to get you in trouble, if these car renting tips are not adopted.

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