Gesture Control Possible With Mercedes S Class By 2018

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Hand gestures and their implications in driving are being diagnosed by renowned car manufacturer, Mercedes. Mercedes cars in India are immensely popular and are among the favourites for car lovers in the country. Automobile technology is a field, which is continuously being upgraded and new experiments are being carried out every day. With Mercedes making a breakthrough in gesture controls, it is almost certain that other manufacturers will catch up soon. It is almost certain that the gesture controls will be upgraded in the new Mercedes S Class. Mercedes car dealers in India will try to bring this model in the country as soon as possible to give Indians first-hand experience of the new technology. The new gesture control in Mercedes S Class will certainly help in promoting the brand and increase its sales figures in the country.

Gesture control possible with mercedes s class by 2018
Gesture control possible with mercedes s class by 2018

The primary question that might come to the minds of car lovers and fans of Mercedes is what exactly is meant by gesture control. It is simply using hand gestures to interact with the in-car system instead of using simple voice programs. This technology will definitely be a path breaking success and most certainly Mercedes S Class is all set to become the first car with this automobile technology. Once utilised, it will be extremely convenient for customers to interact with their cars while driving. Instead of manually performing any function or giving out a voice command, simple hand gestures will be enough to perform basic functions inside the car. Mercedes cars in India have been always the ones with introducing newer automobile technology and it seems that it is on course of creating another such moment.

The luxury automaker, Mercedes has redesigned its flagship sedan to bring out the all-new Mercedes S Class. It is but obvious that the new model will definitely bring some interesting features and path breaking technology. All the previous features and specifications have been improved to make the new car as ravishing as possible. Certainly, the car is all set to make an impact in the market and set to become the next big thing for Mercedes. Once this car sets its feet in India, it will definitely become a hot property and fans and Mercedes-lovers will rush to get their hand on this luxury sedan. Adding to this is the new gesture control, which will act as an icing to the cake.

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