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      Intels In-Vehicle Solutions For Connected Cars

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Intel is the American multi-national giant who is among the eminent names in the field of electronics. The company is among the largest manufacturers of semi-conductor microprocessors, which are integrated with a number of electronic devices for better interface and functionality. Recently, the electronics giant had proposed a scheme to start making new hardware and software as part of the new in-car tech. The company has finally launched its in-car solutions, which will help in making the driver-vehicle relation more interactive. The Intel's in-vehicle solutions for connected cars are a completely new type of automobile technology, which is aimed at making the car more responsive to the passengers. The in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) from Intel will offer people a glimpse of the futuristic driving technique.

      Intels in-vehicle infotainment system
      Intels in-vehicle infotainment system

      The company official's claim that Intel's in-vehicle solutions for connected cars are aimed at providing low cost of production to the several auto makers and thus, increase the rate of development. This type of in-car tech will be validated and pre-integrated with all the solutions and applications utilised by the drivers in daily life. Currently, the company's innovations are being used in the likes of BMW navigation system and in-touch infotainment system for Infinity Q50. By initiating this type of Intel solution for cars, the company is certainly aiming to reduce the cost of ownership and enhance the development rate. The company officials have also informed that this type of automobile technology will also be making the overall commuting process more entertaining and safe.

      The microprocessors will be working as the electronic control unit of the new cars and will be performing in and every function accordingly. The Intel's in-vehicle solutions for connected cars will not only be limited to infotainment but will also play a vital role in the safety aspect of the car. This type of in-car tech will be assisting the vehicle itself in becoming more communicative and inform the driver about any uncertainty ahead on the road. The company has hinted that these IVI systems will not only be enhancing driving experience in the present but will certainly be used to create autonomous or self-driven vehicles. In such cases, the small processor will be monitoring all the movement of the car and will provide it signals as per the surroundings. This type of automobile technology has been employed by the likes of Mercedes-Benz and BMW and now Intel is planning to increase the competition with its future range.

      Experts are of a view that the advent of this type of technology will gradually decrease the dependency of human on machines; thus reducing the chances of errors. The upcoming time will witness the inception of such vehicles in almost all the leading segment of the global market. The domestic auto market will also be looking at the new-generation platform, which governs the entire operation of the car. The futuristic hi-tech cars in India will be melded with this type of technology to make them superior in all aspects of driving. Although, the cost of this technology will certainly be high initially, the same will be reduced in the forthcoming time.