Technical details for the Audi E-Tron SUV revealed

Technical details for the Audi E-Tron SUV revealed New Audi
author image Nikhil Puthran
Saturday 21 April 2018, 17:20 PM

Premium car manufacturer, Audi, has revealed the technical details for the upcoming E-Tron electric SUV ahead of its official launch in August. It is believed that the E-Tron might get the ‘55’ badge which was introduced for vehicles with hybrid and electric technology. Audi claims that the prototype has an estimated driving range of 248.5 miles (approx. 400kms).

The upcoming Audi E-Tron is powered by a two-motor powertrain and 95kWh lithium-ion battery. It is reportedly one of the first vehicles in the market to support charging of up to 150kW. This is about three times the 50kW that can be seen in non-Tesla chargers. This means that you have access to one of those stations on your trip that can charge your vehicle up to 80 percent in just about 30 minutes.

The 95kWh battery sits on the floor and is composed of 36 cell modules, with each one containing a dozen individual flat battery cells. The shapes claim to offer high density within the volume of the pack while the integrated liquid cooling ensures that the pack's temperature stays within 25 to 35 degrees Celsius (about 75 to 95 Fahrenheit) to ensure maximal range in all conditions. In an effort to create a pack which is less likely to burn in case of a serious accident, the pack's cooling lines are kept isolated from the cells to prevent commingling of coolant with the battery fluid. Additionally, the aluminum casing around the pack will further offer protection.

Additional details on the feature list will be known in the days to come.

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