Switch to Euro 5 norms may make diesel cars costlier

Wednesday 26 November 2014, 15:19 PM by

Pollution is indeed a cause of concern in our country. Rampant use of hazardous components in industries and outdated vehicle emission norms has resulted in the Indian cities ranking among most polluted cities across the globe. Delhi, India's capital has also earned the dubious distinction of being ranked as the most polluted city in the world. General check conducted on Delhi's streets has shown particulate matter (PM) 2.5 levels to be at 441 mcg/m3, whereas at New York PM 2.5 Level was at 8, Toronto was at 4, London at 12 and Singapore at 20 mcg/m3. Global norms state that PM 2.5 levels should not exceed 25 mcg/m3.

People in Delhi also seem to be happy opting for a diesel trim as the fuel is cheaper and at the same time the vehicle delivers better fuel efficiency figures. Currently, the sulphur content in diesel emitted from BS IV is about 50 PPM, whereas the diesel trim BS III engine is about 350 PPM. The government plans on having the Euro V engine that gives out about 10 PPM. The country plans on moving to Euro V norms sometime by 2020, but this could probably be a little late as major damage would already have been done.

In certain instances its was found that pump dealers mix kerosene with diesel to maximize their profit. About 26% of diesel samples collected from the NCR region were adulterated, this further added to the pollution misery in the country.

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