Reasons Why Maruti Celerio Topped The Charts

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Maruti Suzuki has been a keen car manufacturer since a very long time. Having the title of one of the oldest car manufacturers in the country, the company has had its ups and downs. Having set its feet in manufacturing any kind of car, its most recent launch was the Maruti Celerio, which received an excellent response from the Indian market. A few reasons behind this are mentioned below.

Reasons Why Maruti Celerio Topped The Charts |
Maruti Suzuki Celerio

1. Maintenance

Each car needs high maintenance, and that can get cumbersome sometimes. At the time of launch of this hatchback, the authorities at Maruti Suzuki affirmed that this car had a hassle-free and low maintenance technology in place.

2. Powertrain

Maruti Suzuki launched this car in petrol as well as CNG variant. The petrol cars have a 1L 12V K10 B petrol engine having a power capacity of 67.06 bhp, and a similar CNG engine, which could churn out a power of 57 bhp at highest speeds.

3. Automatic Shifting

The automatic shifting being offered by Maruti Suzuki Celerio is not a conventional one where the gears get shifted automatically. In order to have a good mileage, Maruti Suzuki gives a unique automatic option in which, the need of the clutch pedal is eliminated, hence causing an easy and hassle-free transmission.

4. Mileage

Maruti Celerio can give a mileage up to 23.1 kmpl, which makes it a fuel efficient car. This high mileage can help in coping up with the hiked fuel rates.

5. Price

The best feature that this hatchback has is its price. The car is priced in a competitive range of Rs. 3.8 lakhs for the base model to Rs. 4.8 lakhs for the highest model, thus making the hatchback, a must buy. At this price range, it is giving competition to the company’s old best-seller, Alto, along with other entry level cars in the market.

It might be right to say that this hatchback is becoming a preference among the people and has influenced the sales of other low budget cars.

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