Porsche Cayman Facelift Version Spotted - Set to hit Roads Soon

Porsche Cayman Facelift Version Spotted - Set to hit Roads Soon New Porsche Cayman
author image Roger Dsouza
Saturday 11 October 2014, 12:59 PM

Porsche Cayman is one of the most successful cars of the German luxury and sports car manufacturer. It is a rear-wheel driven, rear mid-engine dual seat luxury sports model and is derived from the Boxster’s second and third generation roadster models. Most of the Cayman models had been assembled in Finland. However, after the takeover by Volkswagen, Caymans are now manufactured in Osnabruck in Germany.

There is some good news for all fans of this luxury sports car. The all-new facelift version of Porsche Cayman was recently spotted in Nurburging in Germany. Though there are minor changes as is common with Porsche cars, however, the newer facelift model was definitely spied while doing the test rounds. It is expected that the new model will be available for the global customers by the end of 2015 or early 2016.

The spy shots have revealed that the new model will get revisions in the front-end styling. Not that the older front-end styling was not up to the mark, but there was definitely scope for improvement. Porsche has definitely cashed in on that aspect and introduced that cutting edge aspect in the new model.

Porsche Cayman

When the details of the revised front-end styling were examined, it revealed that a restyled bumper has been mounted with totally different air intakes. The bumper has been modelled to suit the dynamics of this luxury sports car pretty well. Additionally, the renewed bumper gives the model a thoroughly revised aerodynamic structure, thus improving the acceleration of the Cayman. Undoubtedly, the aesthetics have been carefully looked at and the new look front fascia is sure to amaze car lovers.

Apart from these changes, what was visible form the front spy shots were the new headlamps. The new cat eye headlamps have been aesthetically designed to give a more sleek appearance to Cayman. Minute touching have been given to the orientation of the headlamps for better viewing so that motor enthusiasts can zoom the car at high speeds on freeways even during the night.

The updates have not only been done on the front-end styling alone, but some touch-up has also been done on the rear end of the Cayman. Likewise, the rear bumper has been slightly tweaked to give a more aerodynamic approach. The curves are at the right places to give the Cayman a neat finish and all together make the car a feast for the eyes. The tail-lights have been worked upon well, which completes the makeover of the Porsche Cayman. Apart from all these changes, the car has been provided with renewed mountings and new wing mirrors.

The Porsche Cayman stays the same under the hood and no such modifications have been reported till now as far as the technical specifications are concerned. The standard trim model of the car runs on a 2.7 litre flat-six engine, which churns out a monstrous 271 bhp and 29.6 kgm. The power is transmitted to the rear wheels via an ultramodern six-speed manual gearbox. Acceleration has been one of the most talked about points of Porsche and it has claimed that Cayman can do a 0 to 100 kilometres per hour dash in a mere 5.7 seconds. The top speed has been clocked at 266 kilometres per hour.

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