New Reva Models to be Revealed

Tuesday 08 September 2009, 00:00 AM by Satish Kalepu

Indian electric car manufacturer Reva, is ready to launch two new models NXG and NXR at the Frankfurt Auto Show next week. NXR stands for Next Revolution while NXG stands for Next Generation model. NXG gets its design from Dilip Chhabaria’s internationally acclaimed car design studio and is a tangy two seater with targa roof. It is capable of attaining maximum speed of 130kmph and range of 200km will go into production in 2011.

New Reva Models to be Revealed |

Reva NXR is four-seat hatchback model quite suitable for urban family and city drive. Production for this car will commence from 2010 but the car can be booked from the show onwards. The international model will run on Lithium ion battery that can attain a maximum speed of 104kmph and covers a range of 160 kms when full charge. In India, this model will come with lead acid battery that can attain maximum speed of 80kmph and cover a distance of 80 km when fully charged.

“The REVA NXR and REVA NXG will redefine the Indian consumer car market,” said Chetan Maini, deputy chairman & chief technology officer, REVA Electric Car Company. “The unveiling of NXR and NXG at the Frankfurt Show is a tremendous step forward in what is sure to be a fascinating journey for EV users across the globe - Affordable and stylish electric vehicles will finally be available to consumer.”

Electric car segment lacks model range and the two new models are geared towards addressing this “range anxiety” amongst electric car owners.

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