Motorcycle Riders' Must-Have Devices

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It is quite a task to commute to your workplace during rush hours on a motorbike. Definitely, the urban roads, especially those of metropolitan cities are heavily loaded with automobiles and all vehicles. In the rush hours, it almost becomes like hell and the rider has to go on and on into innumerable loops of clutch, gear-change, accelerator and brake. It is quite different from the peaceful and tranquil mountain roads of Leh and Ladakh, which is considered heavenly for bikers with the cool mountain breeze gushing across your face. On the contrary, it is mostly the sooty black smoke and dust exhaust from trucks and buses that spoil your mood on a busy urban road. Adding to this, are the numerous potholes that add on to the misery. There are a number of ways to add some comfort features to your biking trip on busy urban roads.

Phone Recharge Options

There is an option available nowadays to get your phone recharged from the bike’s battery itself for a mere 200 to 300 INR. This is definitely a major thing for those people who travel long distances. If you are worried of your phone’s battery draining out, mount one of these and be sure to be recharged before you reach your destination. If you are a part of those long biking trips or traversing in adverse conditions, get a waterproof mount done by spending a few more extra and be ready to beat the roads.

Motorcycle Riders
Motorcycle Riders' Must-Have Devices

Bluetooth Helmet with Intercom

Though the world has moved ahead with slick hands free devices, however, it might be a bit more problematic if the hands free device keeps on moving. However, if you are really busy with calls and have to take them no matter what in the middle of your journey, pay a little more than 2000 INR to pick up a Bluetooth headset with microphone. This device will allow listening to music and definitely is your best friend when it comes to answering emergency calls.

If you are willing to spend a bit more, you can easily get a slimmer earpad, which can be slid into the foam of your helmet. This helps you to make the headset as negligibly jutting out as possible for a more comfortable wear. There is a microphone at the inside, near your mouth and there is a large answering button outside. Be it for answering emergency calls, podcasts or the music, it is definitely awesome.

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