Jaguar Land Rover to skip Detroit for Delhi

Tuesday 20 December 2011, 12:16 PM by

The much awaited Delhi Auto Expo has some good news for its automobile fans in India. Land Rover, the British automobile brand, owned by Tata Motors has decided to showcase car models at the Delhi Auto Expo. With this decision, JLR (Jaguar Land Rover) has pulled itself out from the Detroit Motor Show that is scheduled to be held in North America at the same time in January 2012. Jaguar Land Rover has thus planned to give its complete attention to Indian automobile fans by presenting all new car models.

Choosing Delhi Auto Expo over Detroit Motor Show came as a shock to everyone. JLR has been able to sell over 45,000 cars in North America in 2011. However, as compared to this figure, only 1,500 JLR models were purchased in India this year. This unprecedented move was explained by JLR spokesperson, where he stated that they skipped Detroit for Delhi as Indian automobile market is growing at a faster rate. Therefore, JLR is ready to capitalise and bring more models in India.

This is not the only reason why they preferred to go for Delhi Auto Expo. As per the statement given by JLR spokesperson, the British brand has showcased all the new models, namely Land Rover C-X16 and DC100 in US. At present, JLR does not have any new models in store for the North American automobile fans. These JLR models have not been introduced in the Indian automobile industry and therefore, Tata Motors will go for Delhi Auto Expo. With this decision, JLR will be able to focus and expand its market in the Indian industry.

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