Indian car sales September 2017 Highs and Lows

Indian car sales September 2017 Highs and Lows
author image Omkar Thakur
Wednesday 11 October 2017, 14:19 PM

The festive season has begun and the car sales have started rising in numbers. Despite the GST clouds and the monsoon wreaking its havoc right till the end, the overall sales have reflected the festive spirit. So here's a list of all the cars that were right at the forefront of this surge as well as those that just couldn’t gather enough steam.


Jeep Compass

After almost a decade, the Fiat group seems to have managed to hit the right note as far as the Indian car buyer is concerned. Despite the limited reach of the Jeep brand, Fiat has managed to sell more than 2,000 units for the second month in a row and it is commendable. If FCA manages to consolidate on this demand and ramp up their reach, the Jeep brand might become a formidable player.

Hyundai Verna

Indians have liked the Hyundai Verna and that has reflected in its sales. In less than a month of its launch, Hyundai has sold over 6,000 units in the month of September. And it is significant because the other C-segment veterans have been hovering around the 6,000 mark.

Tata Tiago

Since its introduction, we have always been rallying behind the Tata Tiago for what it offers. And it seems like the Indian car buyer is slowly warming up to Tata 2.0 despite its dodgy history. Clocking 8,312 sales in September, the Tiago has registered its best month ever and we hope it scales the 10,000 units mark soon.


General Motors/Chevrolet

General Motors seems to have sold out its entire inventory by September with the sales figures totalling to zero. This will mean a successful pull-out for the American car maker that had announced its exit by the end of this calendar year. Sadly, that also means an end to our hope of ever seeing a Camaro in Indian showrooms.

Mahindra NuvoSport

Well, the Mahindra NuvoSport is not here because its sales has dropped drastically. It is here because it is hardly selling despite its macho garb. This tells us that the Indian buyer now looks for a good product rather than just going by the brand.

Ford Endeavour

After a successful run for three months in four figures, the Ford Endeavour sales have dipped into back into three figures. The drop might be because of the increase in GST for big SUVs which has resulted in a price hike.

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