Chevrolet Beat Diesel Takes on the Ford Figo Diesel

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Chevrolet Beat Diesel was launched recently in India, but has been closely watched by the buyers and the media even much before its launch. The fuel hike has decreased the purchasing power of most of the Indian car buyers. Since diesel is cheaper, the diesel variant of the Chevrolet Beat is expected to be popular among customers. Moreover, the launch of the New Chevrolet Beat Diesel is expected to intensify the competition among the small car segments in India.

Experts are of the opinion that Chevrolet Beat Diesel will give tough competition to Ford Figo. The former has lower length and width, as well as wheel base in comparison to Ford Figo. However the height of the Beat Diesel is more than the Ford Figo. The beat is a compact, yet elegant looking car with curvy exterior body lines, whereas Figo is more of a family car with rugged body.

Chevrolet Beat Diesel Takes on the Ford Figo Diesel |
New Chevrolet Beat

ord Figo has a streamlined grille and larger headlights as compared to the prominent grille and spiked headlights of the Chevrolet Beat Diesel. The front view of both the cars is simple and beautiful, adding to the elegant look of the car. The Beat is a tall car with comparatively larger dimensions to it. The well amalgamated roof rails of the Beat are another important feature, which speaks volumes of convenient characteristics of this model.

oreover, Ford Figo has features such as air bags for both the front seats and is also incorporated with a durable anti brake locking system. This model is available with a dash board integrated USB audio system, which makes it convenient for the users to listen to their favorite songs directly from the USB. All the features incorporated in the Ford Figo are also available with the Beat diesel, but is optional. Thereby, the car buyer can get the interior of this model customized according to their specific requirements. The only drawback of the Chevrolet Beat Diesel in this regard is that the car buyer will have to pay an extra amount to get the add-on features in the car. These features are optional even in the top model of the new Chevrolet Beat Diesel.

he Figo Diesel surpasses the Beat Diesel in terms of its engine power. The Figo Diesel is incorporated with a 1.4 Litre engine, which has 68 bhp of full throttle power. The Beat Diesel is incorporated with a less powerful 1.0 Litre engine in comparison to the Figo Diesel, which generates roughly 58 bhp of engine power. The engine of the Beat Diesel generates 10 bhp less power than the engine of the Figo Diesel.

he Beat Diesel engine delivers a 150 nm torque which takes off with 1750 rpm, whereas the Figo Diesel engine produces 160 nm which comes with 2000 rpm. The Beat Diesel delivers a mileage of 24 kmph. Taking cognizance of these engine specific figures, the Beat Diesel seems to fall in the segment of cars which are suitable for city roads. The price of the Ford Figo Diesel falls between the range of Rs. 4.5 and 5.5 lacs, whereas the price of the Beat Diesel falls between the price range of Rs. 4.29 and 5.45 lacs.

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