Accessories adorning the Ford EcoSport

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Ford EcoSport had been in news even before its launch, mainly because of its features and aggressive pricing strategy. This was by far, one of the most anticipated Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) of the year that performed beyond expectations. Duster, the highly successful compact SUV model by Renault witnessed the highest decline in its sales due to the arrival of Ford EcoSport. Thereafter, the latest offering by Ford has recorded highest number of bookings in its segment.

It is equipped with a number of accessories on the exterior as well as interior front for the convenience of customers. Interior features include 15 inch alloy wheels, rear spoiler, front fog lamp kit, air deflector, roof rack tray, acrylic headlamp guard, mud flaps, reverse parking sensors and bug deflector. The lightweight alloy wheels that come with special locking units provide the facility of maximum driving comfort and enhanced vehicle style too. In addition, rear spoiler comes equipped with integrated studs and lock nuts for installation whereas the safety feature of fog-lamp kit assists in driving during dark and foggy weather conditions.

Accessories adorning the Ford EcoSport |
Accessories adorning the Ford EcoSport

Moreover, slimline weather-shields or air deflector helps in deflection of heat waves and rain while driving with rolled down windows. This implementation brings not only convenience but sporty looks as well. Besides these, reverse parking sensors have also been included in this compact SUV so that the driver is warned about any danger lurking while the car is being driven in the reverse mode. Also, spare wheel cover brings along with it more than one advantage, it protects the spare wheel from theft, damage and dust adding a sporty look to this SUV. It is also provided with a lock that facilitates additional security to the expensive alloy wheel.

Apart from the exterior features, interiors are pretty advanced as well with child seat, nightspot emergency lamp, anti-theft nuts, reverse camera with IVRM LCD Display. The in-car navigation system by the name MapMyIndia GPS based Infotainment System included in this SUV is sleek device equipped with a 3.5” colour touch screen of VX340 and 5-inch screen on the car pad. This system allows the occupants to enjoy music, movies and photos. All the road maps have been included so that there is no confusion about roads and ways. Moreover, entertainment destinations, movie halls can also be browsed through this GPS based infotainment system.

Yet another feature for making riding pleasure all the more exciting is the in-car refrigerator to store, transport eatables and have ice as effectively and easily as the one in a household. For all those going for long trips can avail this special feature which isn't available in most of the cars. It has a 25 litre capacity that works on a 12 volt DC with a built-in compressor. This SUV comes loaded with features and accessories so as to make the drive a convenient and comfortable one.

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