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      New Maruti Brezza automatic First Drive Review

      Sagar Bhanushali

      Sagar Bhanushali

      Why would I buy it?

      • Trendy features  
      • Spacious cabin  
      • Smooth 6-speed automatic 

      Why would I avoid it?

      • Expensive high-end trims
      • Engine lacks midrange punch

      Engine and Performance

      The engine powering the new Maruti Brezza is basically the same 1.5-litre, four-cylinder engine from before but with two injectors per cylinder, dual variable valve timing and a higher compression ratio. All of these changes have been made so that this engine can breathe better and be more efficient at normal operating RPMs. Now we cannot vouch for the improved efficiency today given the limited time that we have with the car but I can say for sure that this engine and gearbox combination is one of the smoothest in its class. This six speed torque converter gearbox especially is all about smooth progression.  

      The Brezza automatic feels at home in the city, in stop and go traffic. The progress in acceleration is smooth and so are the gearshifts from this new 6-speed torque converter automatic. Now, having driven the new crop of three cylinder turbo engines back to back, this four cylinder naturally aspirated engine feels very pleasant and when paired to the 6-speed automatic, the refinement that you get is the real highlight of this drivetrain.  

      Maruti Suzuki Brezza Left Front Three Quarter

      In terms of outright performance, the new K15C engine makes 102bhp but because it’s naturally aspirated it doesn’t make as much torque as the turbo engines that you get in cars like the Hyundai Venue or even the Nissan Magnite. At 136Nm, the torque is just about adequate for everyday driving but what’s worth noting is that Maruti has tuned this engine to be more efficient than before and that has taken a toll on its drivability especially in the mid-range. What also doesn’t help when it comes to performance is the fact that the new Brezza weighs 40 kilos more than the old car because of all the new features. So, all in all, the pulling power is just about adequate and we do feel that the new Brezza isn’t as peppy as it used to be.   

      Ride and Handling

      Maruti Suzuki Brezza Right Front Three Quarter

      The steering is light enough at low speeds and weighs up adequately as you up the pace. It now also self-centers without much effort. The suspension has been altered due to the additional weight of around 40kgs that the car has put on, courtesy of the new feature set. Over undulations the Brezza remains composed and when it comes to bumps and potholes, neither filters into the cabin alarmingly. The high speed composure on the new Brezza is also up to the mark and the whole car remains flat over long undulations.    


      Maruti Suzuki Brezza Left Front Three Quarter

      Maruti has played it safe with its recent designs considering that cars like the new Baleno and the XL6 aren’t radically different from what they used to be. But as you can see here that’s definitely not the case with the new Brezza. It doesn’t look like the old Vitara Brezza at all and to me this new simpler design looks very nice and clean. Now if you will notice there isn’t much streamlining going on here. In fact, everything is pretty much upright and flat and things stay the same as you move onto the profile. 

      The wheel arches again are squared off and both the front and the rear fenders aren’t flared so you get a very clean look along the sides. The design for the 16-inch wheels is also new and this razor cut look is limited to the ZXI Plus variant. Now there are no strong character lines here but subtle creases along the doors and a slightly more prominent shoulder line that tapes down around the door handles. The rear again bears no resemblance to the old car and the crisp and clean theme continues and is very much evident when you look at the tailgate and the bumper. We especially like the sharp taillights with thick black surrounds.

      Maruti Suzuki Brezza Left Rear Three Quarter

      Comfort, Convenience and Features

      Maruti Suzuki Brezza Dashboard

      This is one area where the new Brezza leaves the old Vitara Brezza so far behind it’s not even funny. Now I am of course talking about features and safety equipment and to give you an idea, here’s a list of features that have been added to this cabin. So you get a wireless charging pad, fast charging USB ports, ambient lighting, paddle shifters for the automatic version, 360-degree view cameras, a heads up display and for the first time in any Maruti car, an electric sunroof. For safety, there are now six airbags instead of two in the old car and hill hold assist which should make driving that little bit easier on an incline.  

      Maruti Suzuki Brezza Infotainment System

      The new Brezza gets what Maruti calls SmartPlay Pro Plus system and although it’s bit of a mouthful, it is on the money when it comes to trendy features. There’s connected car tech with voice assist, Over the air updates and Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. 

      Not that the Vitara Brezza was ever criticized for having less space but Maruti has somehow managed to make more room here at the back. Actually, the dashboard on this car is slimmer than the one on the Vitara Brezza and the door pads I believe are also slimmer than before which means you have slightly more room for your knees and to rest your arm. All in all, the Brezza is sorted for space like it always has and other than the small side windows which we suspect is because of the sloping design for the canopy, there is nothing that’s below par when it comes to the feeling of space and comfort. 


      Maruti Suzuki Brezza Right Rear Three Quarter

      The new Maruti Brezza, then, feels like a thoroughly grown up car. It’s packed with features that buyers seem to be wanting these days, the automatic is very refined and delivers a smooth driving experience and to my eyes, it’s a very good looking car. Now even though its based on the old Vitara Brezza’s platform, it’s much more polished and refined with the way it feels and drives. But then again it’s also priced at a premium and I think it’s the high-end automatic variants that are likely to bear the brunt of this pricing strategy. For many buyers it will come down to the pricing and the Brezza does justify it by delivering on features and driving experience. It does lack outright punch and we would have liked some more clarity on its crash worthiness from Maruti but for what it is, the new Brezza is likely to be another strong seller for the brand, just like the old Vitara Brezza.   

      Pictures by Kapil Angane   

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