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      2024 Maruti Swift First Drive Review

      Sagar Bhanushali

      Sagar Bhanushali

      Why would I buy it?

      • Impressive driving dynamics
      • Comfortable interior
      • Great fuel efficiency

      Why would I avoid it?

      • Lacks a proper automatic option
      • Missing new-age features

      Engine and Performance

      Maruti Suzuki Swift Engine Shot

      For the fourth-gen Swift, Maruti has introduced a brand new engine. It’s a three-cylinder Z-Series engine that powers the Swift not only in India but also in Japan and Europe. It’s an entirely new naturally aspirated engine that will eventually power other Maruti hatchbacks such as the Baleno and the Fronx. Let me tell you straightaway, this engine isn’t a powerhouse in any way. In fact, it produces around 8bhp less than before. 

      Maruti Suzuki Swift Left Front Three Quarter

      However, you don’t always need a powerful engine for a car to be fun. The engine has got a good spread of torque at low revs and in the mid-range. Unlike the K-Series engine which would make most of its power at the top end, at around 5,000rpm and above, this new three-cylinder unit has been tuned in such a way that it feels slightly more potent below 4,000rpm even though it makes 8bhp less. The sweet spot here is between 2,000 and 4,000rpm, and let’s face it, this is the rpm range that one would use the most in any petrol car on an everyday basis. 

      All in all, for this segment and this kind of weight, the power that this engine is making is more than acceptable. Of course, a turbo would always be welcome but the Swift is still plenty involving to drive. This is also down to the five-speed manual. It’s a good manual box with gearshifts that are precise and well-defined. Maruti has put a new hydraulic clutch this time around to make it easier to engage and disengage for all kinds of drivers. It is supremely light, amongst the lightest clutch pedals I have experienced, which is good. But it doesn’t have any real bite point anymore and that takes a bit of fun out of the equation. Overall though, it’s still a solid manual that compliments this new engine.

      Maruti Suzuki Swift Left Rear Three Quarter

      Ride Quality

      Maruti Suzuki Swift Left Side View

      There are more changes to report beyond the all-new engine. These include different spring rates, more suspension travel, and different settings for the dampers. The motive here is to make the Swift a much nicer car to live with in terms of ride comfort. In reality, the ride quality is just as forgiving and comfortable as the old car. The only difference that we would notice is that it is slightly quieter this time around and you don’t hear the suspension load up that much when driving over layered roads with sharp edges.


      Maruti Suzuki Swift Left Front Three Quarter

      The 2024 model certainly has the Swift DNA with the way it looks. Despite all the changes, it is still recognisable as a Swift but the genius here is that Maruti has completely redesigned things that you would look at the most. So, the headlights, taillights, bonnet, and the alloys, all come with a new look. All of these changes amount to a car that looks fresh and at the same time quite familiar, which isn’t a bad thing at all because the Swift has always been a good-looking hatchback. In terms of dimensions, the Swift is hardly different. It’s ever so slightly longer than before but that’s because of the bumper design. The width is still the same and so is the wheelbase. Even the track lengths are identical.


      Maruti Suzuki Swift Dashboard

      Inside the new Swift’s cabin, there are still quite a few major bits that have come from the old Swift. The three-spoke, flat-bottom steering wheel, the chunky gear lever, and the entire switchgear for the windows and the electric mirrors are from the old Swift. But apart from these, everything else is either new or borrowed from more expensive Marutis. 

      Maruti Suzuki Swift Infotainment System

      The nine-inch infotainment system, for instance, is from the Fronx and the display for it has moved up. It isn’t integrated within the dashboard like in the old car. Similarly, the climate control panel is from the Baleno, Fronx, and the Brezza. What’s entirely new though is the layering on the dashboard and the look for the AC vents. Speaking of this new look and feel that the Swift now has. It’s not something that will make you go wow and if I am honest, it’s not jam-packed with new-age features either. So elements like surround-view cameras, heads-up display, and sunroof are not available but you have to hand it to Maruti on execution. Because whatever you get, it works perfectly fine. There are no bugs in the infotainment system, there are no rough edges anywhere, the controls feel good to use, and in general, the fit and finish are really solid.

      Maruti Suzuki Swift Rear Seats

      The Swift is fairly comfortable for two people at the back. For an average-size adult, there is more than enough headroom, the legroom is okay but not great, and the under-thigh support is just about acceptable. If you want more space, you will have to spend more money and get the Baleno because it’s got that big hatchback feel that’s missing in the Swift.


      Maruti Suzuki Swift Right Rear Three Quarter

      In conclusion, the new Swift is a car that we would continue to recommend to anyone looking for an all-purpose hatchback with some character. After all, there has never been a bad Swift since 2005 and we are happy to conclude that this fourth-gen model has upheld the Swift’s DNA. Sure, it's not as affordable as it used to be but it’s still good value because it has improved on every USP of the third-gen model, be it the features, handling, comfort, or the engine. Yes, the engine is way more impressive than how it seems on paper. It’s an engine that you may appreciate only after experiencing it like we did. 

      Pictures by Kapil Angane

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