Winter Car Care Tips To Help Keep You Safe On The Road

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For most of us driving about the country these days, winter can range from merely pleasant temperatures and a respite from the heat to biting cold that can freeze one to the bone. But then there are those of you out there, for whom the mercury drop goes beyond bone freezing point. And as the saying goes, if it isn’t good for the bones, it can’t be good for the car either. So here are some winter car care tips that should keep you going through the chills.

Winter car care tips to help keep you safe on the road
Winter car care tips to help keep you safe on the road

A thorough check-up before the cold sets in is best, but if you’ve somehow missed out on that, do take your car in for a once-over at the earliest.

Check the oil & the oil-seals/filters. Winter temperatures can cause the seals to crack and the oil to function below par. Rather than risking expensive damage later on, it is better to switch to fresh oil & seals.

Another one of the key winter car maintenance tips is to have the electrical system inspected closely. A loose cable, or a worn out connection can often mean the difference between getting to your destination safely & being stranded out in the cold.

Ensure that all glass areas are clear & if needed, treated with special winter coatings, to help keep the line of sight true throughout the winter months. Veteran drivers always advice replacing old glass as one of their top winter car care tips, for it can be a dangerous situation driving into the sun with scratches all over the shield.

The same goes for all exterior lights. Ensure that the lenses aren’t dull and damaged. Check to see if all bulbs are functioning normally. Replace any bulb that’s fused and keep a few spares in the glove-box for emergencies.

Tires too must be inspected closely. In-fact ensuring that the tires are in top health is among the most important of winter car maintenance tips. This is due to the fact that grip in adverse conditions is important and healthy tread life can and will, more often than not, help in keeping you from veering off the path.

Also, be careful out there and drive well within your limits. Should the visibility drop when out on the road, reduce speed and proceed with caution. Remember, there are no awards to be won out there or trophies being handed out. It is better to be a few minutes late, than to risk a mishap. And if it really is that crucial for you to reach your destination, either find an alternative transportation option, or leave early, so you have plenty of time to reach.

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