Dos and Donts of Car Insurance

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Road trips can be great fun provided they are planned out thoroughly. Even when talking about impromptu trips, it is only the destination & the route that’s unknown. The basic preps stay the same. From a well-serviced vehicle, with all electro-mechanical systems in full working condition, to stocking up on essentials such as beverages & snacks to munch along, emergency equipment & great music for those karaoke sessions. Documentation is one thing that must never be forgotten in such instances, particularly, a valid insurance cover.

Dos and Donts of Car Insurance

Dos and Donts of Car Insurance

Things can go wrong at any time on the road & it is best to be insured when tragedy strikes. Here are a few do’s and don’ts of car insurance that you might want to file for future use:

  • Don’t ever drive off with expired insurance. Not only is it an act fraught with great risk and translates to gross negligence on your part, but it could mean the difference between life & death, should such an unfortunate situation arise.
  • Many people, tend to under-insure their car, as it grows older, just to get away with a lower premium. Don’t! It is not worth it. Car robberies are increasing every day & should a total-loss case be registered for your car, the insurer will pay you a lower amount.
  • Don’t pay cash when purchasing a policy. It only increases the chances of being cheated. Buying car insurance online is a great way to reducing the risk of fraud.
  • Don’t buy insurance from unauthorised sources. Always cross-check the authenticity of the policy from the insurer directly.
  • Don’t blindly trust the quote given by one source. Shop around. You could get a better deal elsewhere.
  • Do leverage existing relationships with insurers to get a discount on the premium to be paid.
  • Get safety gear installed for the car. Insurers give policies at special rates to such owners.
  • One of the do’s and don’ts of car insurance is to keep all communication with the insurer on mail or any other permanent method of documenting it. This helps in the event of any unfortunate disputes.
  • Do understand the terms & conditions in the policy fully. Clarify all doubts before you hand over the payment.
  • When buying car insurance online, check to see if all information submitted is accurate & up-to-date. This avoids complications in the event of a claim being made & makes any disbursals as hassle-free as possible.

Lastly, remember, most of the do’s and don’ts of car insurance are based on knowledge and common sense. So arm yourself well & use it effectively.

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