Important Points To Remember Before Purchasing A Green Car

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Buying a green car can be a arduous task if its specifics and details are unknown to you. Here are some important things to know before purchasing a green car or a hybrid car that might help you in taking the right decision and get exactly what you are looking for.

Green car
Green car
  1. Importance Of Knowing The Types Of Green Cars: Before getting carried away with the jargons of green technologies and alternative energy based batteries, know that there are only three types of green cars that are yet available in market: the hybrid cars, plug-in hybrids, and the hundred per cent electric cars. The hybrid cars are the closest to what you are driving on regular basis; the only difference is that they use electric motors along with gasoline engines to yield better fuel economy. The plug-in hybrids are those that use the electric battery as default power mill but as the battery goes down they move back to the regular gasoline engine for driving the car. And the last but never the least, the hundred per cent electric cars are the one that only run on electric batteries and have specific range before demanding recharging. These are only good for urban driving and are unsafe for long distance purposes.

  2. You Got To Spend Green To Become Green: It is good to have an idea of costing before putting your foot down for purchasing one. Apart from the hybrid cars, the other two categories have a relatively high price as compared to their regular fuel based counterparts. But take it this way, buying a new green car is like making an investment that will enhance your savings in a long run. In order to encourage green vehicles trade, the Government is willing to provide subsidies in various countries of the world. Let’s stay positive that a similar scenario will be soon seen in context to Indian environment too.

  3. Charging Levels Of The Car: Since we are talking about the things to know before purchasing a green car, let’s discuss some post-purchasing processes. Plug-in hybrids as well as pure electric cars require charging on regular basis. At present, electric car makers are offering three types of charging levels. The level 1 charging of green cars include the regular three pronged charging that can be done from any household circuit. The Level 2 charging refers to a much faster technique under which specific equipment is used. And on level 3 charging, the vehicle uses industrial strength charging points (DC Fast Charge) which recharge the vehicle within no time. 

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