Buying Guide On Reverse Parking Cameras

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Apart from the most upgraded and convenience enhancing features of present day car systems, the reverse parking cameras also solidify the safety line of vehicles. Reverse guiding cameras are usually mounted over the rear bumper or over the tailgates. These are usually angled on a downward side that permits the driver to have a good view of what’s going on over the rear end of the car. The main purpose of these cameras is to let the driver know about those obstacles behind the car that are not usually in view. Car reverse cameras are known to have either fish eye lens or wide angle lens that yields a slightly distorted but a stretched view of vehicle’s surroundings.

Reverse parking camera
Reverse parking camera

Though the regular reverse guiding cameras are known for offering a neat view of the things in backdrop, the cars these days are come equipped with special night vision rear view cameras that offer a bright and clear view of things just like the day time pictures. These cameras are usually connected with LCD screens that are mounted over the dashboards. Whenever the driver moves the car in reverse gear these help in preventing collision of the car with wall or any other obstacle.

 The LED screens are multi-functional and are offer several other kind of information other than reverse guiding camera images. The reverse parking camera is most useful for the driver that suffers with physical problems like spondylitis and is unable to turn around and see what lies behind the car. This feature is now becoming a part of standard offerings with almost every new car in India. The recent ones that added it include Mahindra XUV500, Tata Safari, and Hyundai Verna.

Moving on to the best brands for this equipment, Torq is known to be one of the rife brands for cameras. You can easily purchase Torq’s reverse parking camera along with a display for an amount of 7, 500 Indian Rupees. If you are going only for a reverse camera without a display than you can get it only by paying 6000 Indian Rupees. Reverse parking sensors as well as cameras can play an important role in ensuring your and vehicle’s safety. Therefore, make sure it is included in the safety features list of the new car you own and if not get it included in the car that you already own. 

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