Fardeen Khan Owns Mercedes Benz E Class

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Bollywood actor, Fardeen Khan, made a spectacular entry into the entertainment industry with his debut film Prem Aggan in 1998. He was awarded with the Filmfare Best Debut Award for his impressive performance.  Like most stars, he too likes to drive in a classy car. The actor, son of Feroz Khan is a proud owner of an elegant Mercedes Benz E class.

Fardeen khan
Fardeen khan

The German automobile company is widely acclaimed for its luxury cars. Mercedes Benz cars are smartly designed and developed to meet customer needs and sustain its strong hold in the Indian automobile sector. It comes with CDI engine, and coupled with a seven speed automatic transmission. The 7G-TRONIC PLUS 7-speed automatic transmission fosters swift and precise change of gears. It also allows an optimum engine speed consistently, thereby increasing the fuel efficiency.

The direct steer system in Mercedes Benz E class offers comfortable driving experience. With a more direct steering ratio, a driver needs to put less effort for large steering angles. This enhances the steering comfort as well as car’s agility. In addition, the direct control suspension enables to drive comfortably on different Indian road conditions. The shock absorbers adjust automatically as per particular driving situation.

The interior features of this car are a delight and driving it is a pleasure. The leather seats, leather wrapping steering wheel, optional active multi-contour seats and the automatic climate control makes this model a luxurious option. E class climate control system is versatile and is adjustable as per individual comfort level. The memory package in the E class offers maximum convenience for the driver and passengers.

Mercedes Benz E class has an inspiring and intelligent light system. The lighting system consists of energy-efficient LED technology and adaptive system. With the adaptive system, the light illuminates as per the driving condition. A driver is bound to experience improved visibility in twilight and in the night.

The celebrity cars are amazing with respect to design, performance, safety   features and technologies. E class from Mercedes Benz is a complete package and a valuable option.

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