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        Fuel Economy Tips

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        The price of the fuel and gas are constantly increasing with each passing day. Car owners are spending more from their wallet on the fuel. The driving style and maintenance of your vehicle have a huge impact on the fuel consumption. You need to get familiar with the basic fuel economy tips to cut down extra expenses.

        Fuel economy tips
        Fuel economy tips

        Let us look at some the effective fuel saving tips:

        Maintenance: A vehicle in a peak condition delivers excellent performance. The basis maintenance work includes regular oil changes, spark plug replacements and oil changes. This will extend the life of your automobile and save money in your wallet.

        Monitor your fuel economy: It is advisable to keep a close eye on your fuel economy. Any kind of engine trouble can increase the fuel consumption. Many conventional or CNG cars have special gauges that give the right information in real-time. This helps to come terms whether your bad driving habits or engine trouble is affecting fuel economy.

        Gear up: Try to stay in the highest gear to save fuel. The engine consumes the most amount of fuel when you accelerate from low gear. When you use high gears, the car engine speed is not as high. As a result, there is a less chance of engine wearing down and it returns good mileage. Irrespective of diesel or petrol cars, this valuable tip is of paramount importance.

        Keep the windows up: When you are driving at high or low speed, you need keep the windows of your car up. If you fail to do this, the aerodynamics of your vehicle gets affected and it uses excessive fuel to operate.

        Tyres Inflated: With properly inflated tyres, a car will run longer without burning a hole in your pocket. There will be less friction between the road and tyres. Make a habit of checking tyre pressure early in the morning.

        Be a smooth operator: Do not drive too aggressively, as it can lead to engine consuming more fuel than needed. Also, the sudden brakes can have a negative impact on the vehicle performance.

        Some other fuel economy tips that need to be kept in mind are avoiding shorter trips, avoid excessive idling, and get rid of excess weight from your vehicle. All these tips will help to have a clear picture on how to save fuel. Follow the tips to drive efficiently and pollution-free.