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        Car Locator- Finding A Car Without Gps

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        CarTrade Editorial Team

        There's no denying that car theft is one of the most common crimes in our country, thus we need to extra careful about this. Losing a car is not just emotionally difficult, it is also financially draining. Thieves can easily foresee some car location system especially GPS-based systems. Thankfully, there are several car interior accessories or systems available that help track down a car without using GPS signals. With a car locator accessory/equipment, you can secure your car against theft and catch criminals before they can damage your car. You can buy such car accessories in India as well.

        Car locator
        Car locator

        So, how to track a car without GPS? Read on to know the answer.

        Radio Receiver

        It is a very common and simple method to track your car. This method has been in use since 60s and is still in use. A transmitter is hooked up to the car, and when the thief drives away, a receiver is used for picking up the transmitter’s signal. This system tells you the direction from where the signal is coming. However, it will not provide exact location.

        Radio Frequency Identification

        Car accessories can be added or tagged with a RFID chip that will transmit a signal, which a reader can pick up via an antenna or RFID reader. The tags can be placed anywhere on the vehicle and can positively identify a vehicle after it has been modified. Such devices can also store information about the car. However, the range of Radio Frequency Identification tags is shorter than that of a standard radio transmitter.

        Cellular signals
        Use of prepaid cellular is a very simple and effective measure to track a car. If your phone is hidden in the car, you can find your car position by simply calling to you cellular. The signal can be identified using commercial software between two cell phone towers and the car will be located. This method has been used by the police to track cars for several years. In this system, the cellular needs to be wired to some form of power source.