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      Essentials Of Driving An Automatic Car?

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Manual transmission cars have always been the preferred choice among auto enthusiasts and drivers who strive for an optimum control and engagement with a vehicle. However, the automatic transmission cars have gained popularity in recent year, especially among women drivers.

      Automatic car driving tips
      Automatic car driving tips

      Learning to drive an automatic car is easier and faster than the manual transmission car. There is no hassle of manual gear shifting and pushing the clutch pedal in congested streets and traffic-jams. A driver needs to take care of handbrake, gear knob, steering wheel and pedals. Before you start learn to drive a car, it’s always a better idea to know its equipment and controls.

      The automatic car driving tips will ease the learning process. It also helps you get comfortable with the car’s functions and drive it confidently. Despite new mechanism and its confusions, the drivers can focus on the essentials of driving and safe handling of an automatic car.

      How to drive automatic car?

      The following car learning tips will help drivers, who are not familiar with an automatic transmission, to learn and drive an automatic car.

      Adjust seat and start the car

      Adjust your seat, rear view mirror and side mirrors right after stepping inside the car. In order to start the engine, push the foot brake pedal and turn the key.

      Driving forward

      Move the gear shifter down to D, while pressing the brake. When the car starts moving, release the brake pedal and push down on the gas for speed.  The transmission will automatically shift gears as you slow down or increase the speed. 

      Slowing Down and Braking

      The automatic cars are easy to slow down and stop, even in-gear. You simply need to exert pressure on the brake; though the amount of pressure that needs to be applied will only come with experience or practice.

      Reversing the Car

      Driving an automatic car in reverse is quite an easy thing to do. The car should be in complete brakes, so push the foot brake pedal and shift the gear into R for Reverse. Then, release the brake and move your foot on the gas pedal. The car will start moving in backward direction.

      Parking the Car

      After telling you all the safe driving tips, it’s time for tips to improve your parking technique. Place your right foot on the brake pedal to brake the car, shift the gear into P for Park and remove the key to turn-off the car.

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