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      Add-On Car Accessories For Senior Citizen

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      The market for cars in India is booming. New models are being announced every other day and buyers are spoilt for choice. From entry-level hatchbacks to the hyper-luxury sedans, there are multiple options in each segment and across price-points. Choosing a car can be both, confusing as well as an exhilarating experience. Of-late there have been multiple cars in the 5+2 seater segment. This is a nod to the Indian family setup where people usually reside with their parents/in-laws under the same roof. As a result, the demand for seven seater cars is high as ever. In the past, this has resulted in large sized SUV’s or full-size MUV’s being the unanimous choice for buyers.

      Manufacturers too, these days, are playing on the convenience factor and offering smaller, regular cars as well in appropriate seating options. Whatever the car however, traveling with aged folks does present its own set of challenges. Mobility is reduced as the years advance while most faculties such as hearing/clear vision too start to fade. Consequently, one needs to factor these in when traveling. Thankfully, there are a few add-on car accessories for senior citizens that are available today and these go a long way in ensuring a smooth, trouble-free journey.

      Keys these days are becoming rather obsolete. What with the newer bunch of cars in India coming with keyless entry systems and push-button start features. However, not all of us move around in shiny new cars and those of you with older, manual turn-key ignitions can look at getting an extension to help start the car with ease. What it does is offer extra leverage and grip to enable the driver to turn the key with minimal effort.

      Mirrors are another great addition to the car accessories for senior citizens. They extend visibility from within the car, offering a better view of the chaotic traffic that surrounds it.

      Anyone who’s had an aging senior around them would know just how difficult things can get when getting in and out of a car. The typically older cars in India were low slung affairs where one had to rise up or lower down for access. In such instances, one can always get additional straps/hand grips fitted at appropriate places to make this easier.

      While swapping seats may be quite impractical (not to mention a pricey affair), swivel seats make for a great option among the add-on accessories for senior citizens. Using these, one need not twist and contort their lower half of the body as they get behind/away from the wheel.

      Modifications though, must be carried out by trained professionals and not left to amateur garage hands as is the case with most cars in India. Happy motoring!

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