A Closer Look At The Tata Nano Genx Accessories Range

December 20, 2015 10:05 IST by in Car Accessories.

The Tata Nano started as a great promise; of being the answer to the typical Indian family comprising the husband and wife, with two kids in tow, all perched precariously as they brave the streets on a scooter or an economy-class motorcycle. Some weak marketing and poor market perception meant that demand wasn’t as great as expected when the car was introduced to the masses. It is now 2015 however, and a lot of time has passed since those early faltering steps. Tata Motors has steadfastly devoted time and resources to improving the tiny hatch and the Tata Nano today in its GenX avatar is a highly evolved automobile.

Tata nano genx floor mat
Tata nano genx floor mat

To further entice customers, there’s a complete section of Tata Nano GenX accessories available in every showroom. Buyers can now customize and personalize their car right from the dealer itself. What’s more, being company authorized products, quality is assured, unlike some of the accessories available in the open market. So let’s come take a closer look at some of the highlights of this range:

Alloys are a great way to spruce up the looks of a car. The ones available officially for the Tata Nano sport a Y-type design that suits the character of the car to the T.

The mud-flaps available in the Tata Nano GenX accessories catalog are another apt item to go for. Specially designed keeping the car in mind, the mud-flaps should go a long way in keeping the running boards safe and the people driving/riding behind, muck free!

A body cover is something of a must-have accessory once again. Not only does it protect your car from prying eyes, but it also keeps the elements out, helping ensure that the paint stays glossy for years to come.

On the inside, seat-covers make for a great thing to have. The official catalog of Tata Nano GenX accessories has some snazzy designs and go a long way in perking things up inside the car.

Floor Mats too are a must-have option in the car. Given our dusty environment, additional floor mats protect the carpeting and keep it from getting soiled unnecessary.

Having a remote central locking kit for a car is one of the best things you can do to protect it from criminal elements. The money invested, more than makes up in the peace of mind offered over years of ownership.

So this then was a quick round up of the key accessories that you can get for your Tata Nano. So hit the comments below & tell us, which ones have you got for yours?

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