Checklist For Buying A Used Car

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Buying a car is second most important and major investments for an individual. Being a buyer, you need to be extra careful when it’s a used car. Used or pre-owned cars, usually, aren’t good at at handling, comfort and drivability as claimed by salesmen or their owners. Therefore, experts recommend taking a test drive and a comprehensive inspection of a used car. This car guide will provide you a detailed checklist for buying a used car, and help you choose the right one for you.

Checklist for buying a used car
Checklist for buying a used car

Checklist for buying a used car

  • Check the tires, individually, for tread, wear or any other damage or alignment problem. You simply need to push down each corner of the car. If the car doesn’t bounces back to its normal position, the tires might have some issue and need to be checked carefully. 
  • Look beneath the car for fluid leakage by switching off the engine and running it repetitively.
  • Most used cars are complained for dents, sketches or exterior imperfections. Check the car’s panel and underbody from different angles for rust or imperfections.
  • Make sure that all doors are working smoothly. Open and close all the side doors from inside and out. Check their hinges and edges for abrasion or rust.
  • Operate the headlights, turn signals, high beams and brake lights of a car to ensure that they are not broken or faded, and working properly.
  • Take a test drive to check the ride quality and handling of the car.
  • Test brakes and gearbox capabilities on smooth freeways and rough roads. A grinding or squealing noise signifies some mechanical issue with the braking system. The automatic gearbox needs to be quick in gear selection and manual one shouldn’t grind in-gears.
  • Check radiators and water hoses under the hood for rust and coolant level.
  • Examine the idle response of the engine, when you start the car. If it rattles or knocks while warming up, there might be some compression or mechanical issues. Check oil quality and its levels.
  • Ensure that car’s air-conditioning unit, heater and instrument cluster are working properly.
  • Also check the exhaust system. The blue, white or black smoke from the exhaust indicates excessive fuel burning, a head gasket failure or a fuel system problem, respectively. 

By considering the above-mentioned tips for buying used cars and extra precautions, you can curtail the odds happened while purchasing the used cars in India. Besides the car guide’s checklist, one has to ensure that the car has a clear history with legal documentation.

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