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      Tips To Save Fuel

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      Back in earlier days buying a vehicle earned you the tag of 'bada aadmi' (Rich man). Scenario has changed in modern times when buying a vehicle is not a big deal, but being able to afford for fuel, can definitely earn u the title! New cars often come with better efficiency figures. Apart from Maruti cars in India, Honda cars, Mahindra cars and Hyundai cars are also known to deliver better fuel efficiency figures. Some of fuel saving tips that may help you save money every-time you turn on the ignition:

      Tips to save fuel
      Tips to save fuel
      1. Take out excessive luggage – Starting with the first for gas mileage tips, you need to avoid carrying extra unwanted luggage that shall add up to the overall weight of the car. This factor majorly affects the fuel efficiency figures even amongst fuel efficient cars. So keep it light!
      2. Maintain a steady speed – Driving at a constant speed does not add much stress on the engine. The vehicle gets to cruise at an ideal speed, thereby does not gulp down excess fuel from the tanks. The result may show major difference in fuel efficient cars.
      3. Avoid frequent use of clutch and brakes – Frequent braking also means on and off acceleration. The engine gulps in fuel every-time you need to set your vehicle in motion. Frequent use of clutch lets the engine idling for a longer time which again affects the fuel efficiency.
      4. Cut down of air-conditioner use – Every time you turn-on the air-conditioner in your car additional burden of cooling is passed on to the engines.  A decent 20% hike in efficiency from fuel efficient cars can be expected when you turn off the air-conditioners.
      5. Turn off your engines – It is wise to turn off your engines every-time you need to halt at a traffic signal for over two minutes. Keeping the engine running means a constant supply of fuel being wasted.
      6. Check tire pressure and follow service intervals – Low tire pressure nearly doubles up the engine stress levels and hence gulps more fuel to power the car. Servicing the car at regular intervals ensures free movement of vital components, this shall allow for free roll and delivering better fuel efficiency figures.
      7. Go easy on the throttle – Avoid burning rubber when the signal turns green. The faster you decide to accelerate, more fuel shall be gulped down by the engine.     

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