Shahrukh Khan And His Fleet Of Luxury Cars

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The name Shahrukh Khan needs no introduction to his persona. The star of Bollywood rightfully carries his title as 'King Khan of Bollywood'. The actor started off his career way back in the 80's, beginning with television series named 'Circus'. He now holds a long list of hits to his credit and occupies the co-chairman position with Motion Picture production and distribution company, Red Chillies Entertainment and the animation studio, Red Chillies VFX.

SUV cars in India have always been popular amongst the elite in town. Listing down, let’s begin with some of the cars owned by the superstar of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan


Shahrukh Khan and his fleet of luxury cars
Shahrukh Khan and his fleet of luxury cars
  1. Audi A6: The SUV is a brilliant piece of luxury and performance by the German car-maker. The SUV is powered by a 5.2 Litre engine loaded with Fuel Stratified Injection technology that can deliver breathtaking performance. The car is said to be custom made to suit the star's taste.

  2. BMW 7 Series: Another piece of excellent machinery with German roots, the BMW 7 Series is one of jewels in the star's garage. The car is blessed with 3.0 Litre and 3.5 Litre power packed engines. The BMW 7 Series perfectly compliments the star's style.

  3. BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe: By now you may got your answer as to why the German car-makers are a hit in the local market! Another one from the BMW line is the 6 Series that stands as an eye-candy in the superstar's garage.

  4. Mitsubishi Pajero: The star has been reported to hold a special corner in his heart for his prized possession Mitsubishi Pajero amongst his fleet of new cars. The SUV is powered by 3.8 Litre V6 engine mated to the MIVEC variable valve technology.

  5. Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe: Drop dead gorgeous look is the only line that can be used to define this masterpiece! The car is said to be the most expensive Rolls Royce convertible manufactured by the British car-maker. The car boasts to be loaded with the most modern technology and is stated to be hand crafted to suit the user's taste.

Good homes, designer clothes and great cars are something’s that come as a perk with stardom. Without these, would you actually have a reason to envy your favorite stars!       


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