Money Saving Car Buying Tips In India

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Money Saving
Money Saving - Car buying tips in india
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Getting a New Car?
Follow the steps to know how you can save money.
  • Step 1: Research
  • Get the reviews
  • What's your budget?
  • Go for the new
  • Test drive
  • Step 2: Affordability
  • Choose the right car
  • Diesel or petrol?
  • Safety before cost
  • Explore multiple options
  • Step 3: Buying Process
  • Best time to buy
  • Go to authorized dealers
  • Accessories don't cost as much
  • The right deal
  • Take loan against fixed deposits
  • Buy insurance yourself
Used cars
Follow these useful steps and get the best second hand car in the most lucrative deal.
  • Step 1: Research
  • Get the detailed history
  • Search everywhere
  • Certified Cars are your best deal
  • Modified cars come with baggage
  • Avoid withdrawn models
  • A car not been driven is not your best choice
  • Question repainted cars
  • Take your time
  • Step 2: Affordability
  • Prepare for loans
  • No used car has a fixed price
  • Step 3: Buying Process
  • Best time to buy
  • Check for Warranties
  • Talk to the expert
  • Rely on daylight
  • Check for Odometer tampering
  • Verify date of Manufacture
  • Experience the car
  • Promises should be kept
  • Insurance is law

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