Sheet Thin Batteries: The future Of Auto Industry

author image Wednesday 10 December 2014, 18:00 PM Automobile Technology

The big chunky batteries in a car may be a thing of the past soon, with future promising us on thin sheet batteries. Thin sheet batteries are based on the concept of lithium-ion batteries and has the potential to change the future of automobile industry. These sheet thin batteries exhibit the very same output in terms of the voltage and current, but their dimensions allow them to be used as an automobile technology in new cars to reduce the load of a bulky battery because of their high energy density. Sheet thin batteries are indeed the future technology of the batteries and can be rolled up also.

Sheet thin batteries
Sheet thin batteries

These sheet thin batteries will be specifically designed for automobiles with an aim to make them more light and efficient. The unique selling proposition of these batteries will be that it can be charged using solar cells and allow you to run the automobile completely on the current generated by the transformer attached to it. These new sheet thin batteries will revolutionise the way the automobile industry functions and will disrupt the current scenario completely. With a very less carbon footprint, these batteries are indeed the technology of the future.

The easy plugging in feature allows one to use it for other applications also. This feature will try to minimise the carbon footprint drastically by having one standard efficient battery, rather than having a lot of big chunky idle batteries. The applications of sheet thin batteries are numerous; it can be used on solar cell storage devices, smart cards, RFID tags, implantable medical devices and so on. Also, since these batteries are lithium-polymer based, the absence of lead and cadmium again tells us how sustainable these sheet thin batteries are.

Sheet thin batteries, the automobile technology in new cars, can also be recharged by connecting it to a solar panel. Going by the current rate of consumption and the generation of electronic-waste, it is evident that the future needs sheet thin batteries to combat the effects of the piling e-waste and to work towards a sustainable future. Sheet thin batteries can find their way into powering the future because they try and harness the solar energy for their functioning and can be used in a variety of ways including powering an automobile.

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