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      Car Accessories That May Be Dangerous

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      CarTrade Editorial Team

      You know, a car is a reflection of your personality. And probably, that is the reason why people look for various car exterior accessories as well as the interior ones too. They wish to make it into a more advanced, more stylish, classy and technologically driven machinery, as in to make it a unique one. A lot can be done with a car, from putting add-ons, sculpting it, lifting it, doing some re-fittings, etc. But, it is a very tricky job to be done. It is because there is a probability of dangerous car accessories being sold to you. A few car accessories could be dangerous for your life as well. You have to be very careful while choosing these accessories. Let us consider what can happen.

      Television screens installed in the cars
      Television screens installed in the cars

      One of the dangerous car accessories, falling in the category of exterior car accessories, is lifting. It can cause a car to flip, according to the research conducted by the scientists. They say that if a car is lifted from the centre of gravity, it gives the car a position equal to a coin, which is being rested on the verge of its edge rather than its base. Another car exterior accessory that could be dangerous to the drivers is tinting the glass panes of the windows of the car, whether legally or illegally. This is because when the back glass pane is all tinted, it reduces the visibility of the obstacles on the sides, any lane work in progress etc., for the driver, and can make the car vulnerable to accidents.

      In fact, these tinted windows reduce the visibility between the pedestrians and the other drivers on the road, which is not a good sign of privacy, but an accident-prone thing. Tinting the windows, 99.9%, although protects you from the UV Rays, but is one of the most dangerous car accessories. It increases the number of accidents with a reduction in the level of co-ordination between the other drivers and people on the road.

      In fact, the television screens installed in the cars are dangerous to the people sitting in the car. These screens are one of the car accessories that could be dangerous. It distracts the driver in a big way, whether it just plays sound, or an audio visual, or a movie. Whatever it is, it keeps the other members of the drive busy, but wavers the concentration of the driver from the road, and of other drivers on the road as well. This is because of a simple human trait that is curiosity. Thus, these above discussed facts are just a glimpse of what dangerous car accessories can do to the passengers, the car and the driver.

      With e-commerce market blooming, you can also buy car accessories online in India. So, while choosing accessories for your car, weigh its pros and cons and then get them installed. Avoid those car accessories that could be dangerous. It is your money, your car and your life.

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